Happy Festive Season by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Happy Festive Season

As the end of 2018 approaches a quick blog to wish everyone a great festive season whatever you are doing a wonderful New Year. It has being a busy one for me this year and I would usually post this around Christmas Eve but I was away for a few days and needed some down time to relax and rejuvenate myself.

2018 has being another storming year and a big thank you to all those who I have had the privilege of spending some special time with and making the magik happen and wow what magik it has been. I have being taken a back with how my learning has really all come together this year resulting in some mind blowing moments even for me and I am really thankful for them that have embraced this and allowed themselves and me to explore sexual pleasure more deeply and fully. I have just about come to the end of my Tantric training (for now, although I do have my eye on a course which is more about sexual energy work than tantric principals and this I feel is more in line with what I offer. Learning Tantric Touch and concepts to the level I have has being the single most valuable I have ever done because it effects everything I do on every level and makes for more connected encounters which is exactly what I am about. Connected encountered are always very special but it is a two way street, in order to connect with others you have to be connected with yourself first then it comes natural, otherwise I am trying to connect with someone who is disconnected and the experience is not as powerful.

So a big thank you to all those wonderful people I have had the pleasure of connecting with this year it truly has being very special and I cherish every moment and look forward to many more wonderfully unique encounters.

I spent a lot of time this year working on my sexological body work certification and this again has really changed how I do things. I should have done this five years ago because I feel it is fundamental to anyone who is working in sex work no matter if they are offering tantric, BDSM or escort work. It really sets a foundational level of understanding how the body works from a pleasure perspective as well as deeper issues that can arise and although I am still learning around these my emphasis is on connecting with more pleasure and who does not want that. So while I have no plans to move in sexological bodywork at the moment I am taking the principals and mixing them into to energy work and BDSM to deepen and widen pleasure states. I had the real pleasure of training with Jospeh Kramer a world renowned teacher and advocate for pleasure and erotic sensations and feel deep gratitude for this learning.

I also took my Like a Pro course with Betty Martin again a world renowned teacher for consent, this course was in a word totally mind blowing and again I should have done it five years ago because it really is fundamental to any sort of sex work or work where there is touch. Of all the course that I have done this one blew my mind open and really made me take a long hard look at myself and my actions around sexual contact and question myself it was in a word simply amazing learning and really highlighted some of my own issues to me and provided outstanding learning around sexuality.

Ongoing thanks to my support network, without them I would not be here and I owul dnot be able to do what I do, so it’s always good to acknowledge the people who are there for me and keep my going and also tell me when to take a rest. I am blessed to have the most amazing and supportive people around me who keep me on the right track, speak openly and honestly to me which I always appreciate and value.

So for 2019 I have my lomi lomi course booked which I am looking forward to developing a completely new skill and mixing it in with what I already know. It will see me travel to High Spirits Retreat in Brisbane, Australia to do the course. I chose this course because t is the only one that offers learning to the higher levels. I am really looking forward to being able to bring this into my offerings on its own and also mixing it with the erotic.

There will be new photos coming and hopefully videos they are all on the cards and some amazing outfits which I have being putting together for the last few months so that is exciting stuff.

As some of you are aware I am undertaking a personal challenge of attending the Global Tribal Gathering in Panama in February 18 days camping on a remote cove on the Caribbean side of Panama sounds idyllic, add in limited showers, no electric, and creepy crawlies such as scorpions and tarantulas it becomes a challenge. I am both excited and nervous about this because I know it is going to push my limits.

I am heading away for new year to do some more weird and wonderful stuff to see in the new year and hopefully learn something else about myself. Its defiantly not a traditional new year with alcohol and partying more. I am hoping it will be another hard hitting personal journey like the one a few years ago but I don’t know what to expect so going with an open mind and heart and standing on the threshold of the mystery of the unexpected, and just letting it flow as it comes.

Here’s to 2019 may it bring everything you want it to and most of all I wish you all the happiness and joy for the.

Kisses Kristina J – UK Escort and Temptress of the Erotic Arts….