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Health Benefits of Masturbation You Should Know About

Health Benefits of Masturbation You Should Know About by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Health Benefits of Masturbation You Should Know About

The act of self-stimulation to produce pleasure. Often misconceived as a mortal sin. For far too long, there was an inescapable stigma surrounding masturbation. To a certain extent, it’s still there, but at least we’re making progress.

Where we were once told that masturbating could make us go blind, cause hair to grow on our palms or be a sign of mental illness, thankfully, we’ve moved past that (have we really) and are now focusing on the opposite: how masturbation can improve your health (about time).

Yes, you read that correctly—solo sex isn’t just unharmful; it’s actually beneficial in some ways.

It’s a Stress-Buster

If you’ve had a rough day and find that you’re a wound-up ball of stress, a little self-love may be just what you need Masturbation is a great stress-reliever.

It’s Good for Penises, Too

Because genitalia are not tied to gender identity, this is a good time to check in regarding what masturbation can do to help people with a penis. Not only can it help with erectile dysfunction, but it may mean penetrative sex that lasts longer. “Repeating the process of masturbating and stopping before ejaculation can also assist someone with a penis have increased longevity.

It Could Improve Your Sleep

If you do experience orgasm while masturbating , a huge wave of endorphins surge through your system, and that has also been shown to help you have deeper, higher-quality sleep,

How Orgasms helps You Know Your Own Body

Who knows what you like? You do, of course—and masturbating only helps you get to know yourself even better. it allows us to explore our own body on our own terms and on our own timeline. It gives folks the opportunity to explore and figure out what feels good for them in an intimate and nonthreatening way.

It Can Improve Sex

This completely makes sense when you think about it: Sex will get better if know you know how to guide a partner. Being able to convey what works for you to a partner may be more challenging—but you’re sure to have better sex if you know what you like than if your own sexual pleasure is still a mystery to you.. The more we are connected to our sexuality and know how to pleasure ourselves, the more likely we are to have pleasure when we engage in sexual activity with others.

Next time you’re debating whether to pencil in a little me time, remember that masturbating does a body good.

Masturbation is a healthy excercise which is done by(and this is a fact)94% of male population and 70% of female population.

Kristina J xx