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Heres to 2018…….

Heres to 2018……. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Heres to 2018…….

Heres to 2018…….

2018 I am ready…….

Wow wow wow and wow again is about all I have to say about 2017. It has in a word being spectacular and way beyond my wildest imagination. I could not do it by myself so thank you to each and every one of you that has shared in this unique and sexually opening adventure with me in a word you have all being amazing.

It has been an absolute privilege and honour to dive deeper with you and for you to place your trust in me to take you on the journey to find places you did not know exist. Totally blown away I set of 2017 as a year of adventure and learning and deepening my erotic arts only to be totally blown away and exceed even my own expectations. Each and every one of you that entrusted me with your body and mind to play with I thank you and my wish is that that journeys will continue as I have a firm commitment to improving my craft and art and bringing you only the very best I possibly can and then I still want to offer you more, more seduction, more intimacy, more eroticism, more kink, more naughtiness, more energy work, more role play and more of whatever else springs to mind.

I say it all the time but to be a sexually liberated woman is an absolute privilege I have come to realise this year how many people out there battle with sexuality and how this in turn affects their very being relationship with themselves and external relationships. To be open about what I do, honest and true to myself are gifts I feel deep gratitude for and to be able to say yes I am a sexually liberated female and I have no shame or guilt gives me so much self worth.

I continue my journey as a ‘lifestyle Escort’, which means in my private life I am busy attending workshops, delivering workshops and going to BDSM events and conscious sexuality festivals around Europe. So what this means for you is that when you visit me you get the real thing, no acting no disinterested looks just 150% connected me with my attention focused totally on you. I love what I do and the more I learn the more I love it. I have had to smile to myself as many times this year as years ago I had a personal relationship end as the guy decided there was little he could teach me yet over 5 years on I am learning more than I ever thought possible. The moral of the story think out of the box don’t limit your thinking and learning to what you know as there is always so much to learn and the more we learn the more we grow. There is something we can all learn about our erotic selves and my commitment is to myself to keep learning and to you to keep bringing new, intense experiences and only the very best intimate liaisons.

So to all of those I have met I thank you for making the journey so far so special and to all of those I am yet to meet I await to welcome you and thank you for continuing the journey. I am looking forward to all the special times to be shared in the forthcoming years.

So may 2018 bring all that you wish for in every way and please join me in raising a glass to your good self for being so fabulously wonderful and to welcoming in 2018.

New Year kisses xx

Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort and Erotic Arts Temptress….