Here’s to 2020 - New Decade of fun and exploration…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Here’s to 2020 - New Decade of fun and exploration….

A new decade what does it hold for you?

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, it always surprises me when people actually read what I write and comment on it when they see me. I am surprised sometimes by how many loyal followers my blog has so thank you for giving me the inspiration to keep writing, it means a lot.

So what does 2020 hold for me, I hope much more of what has gone in the past few years as each year has been more and more amazing I sometimes think how can this year be better then the last year but each year at the end of the year I am blown away. It’s not me that makes it amazing, it‘s you who makes it what it is it you who read my blogs, follow me on twitter and then come and visit me that makes each year more special than the next. Whatever your reason is for visiting me you are very welcome and I really look forward to reconnecting with my lovely regulars and welcoming new people in 2020.

For me my focus away from my play time I would use the word work but it does not feel right so I will use play time and special tie with lovely visitors instead.. My focus is on my health, don’t panic there is nothing wrong with my health it’s just my desire to be as healthy as I can be and maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule. I visited the doctors for my human MOT at the end of last year and everything was bang almost a perfect 10 which I felt quite proud of being in my 40’s now but I know that in order to maintain that I have to work at it so this is an area of focus as without my health I cannot do what I do.

Moving on from that a few years ago I was venturing into the world of tantric and tantra which has taught me a lot and basically changed everything and how I do things. It is one of the few teachings that has really opened me up to new experiences and in return has been passed down into my play tie to open up new experiences for you. This year I am stepping back from Tantric learning but don’t worry 2021 will see me come back to learning but I will come to that soon. I am still very happy to tantric massage and tantric my offerings have not changed and I still love the essence of tantric touch. I have committed to Lomi Kahuna massage training up to level 7 and including facilitation. What I have grown to love about this is that stand alone its an amazing massage and I feel it’s a beautiful way to end a session if there is time after and you would like a massage. To receive something given with such reverence and of such quality is really special way to relax after an intense sexual encounter before taking a shower. The other is that it a great base for and erotic massage mixed with concepts of Tantric massage makes a really powerful massage that touches you deeply and yet raises your sexual energy at the same time. It is in a word the magical massage I have ever learnt and I really look forward to continuing my journey into developing my Lomi Kahuna skills to world class levels. I feel privileged to be trained by a world class facilitator hence going all the way to Australia to learn, and in doing so being able to offer this onto you means a lot to me. My training this year to get to this level will take 7 weeks full time training in Australia hence the time away to study. Another thing that I love about the courses is that I am taken deep into myself and taught to understand myself more and expand my awareness as I face not only the light but also the darkness. This continued spiritual learning is for me fundamental to being the person I am evolving into and it was really brought home the importance of continuing this learning while I was in Africa at the end of last year.

Coming back to Tantric massage and looking forward to 2021 I have come to the understanding that a lot of tantric massage techniques are based on Ayurvedic massage and I know that my teachings certainly are so my plans are to start to unpick the elements of tantric massage and look at each component individually from an Ayurvedic perspective and then rebuild it into something that is really extra special. So for example a tantric massage can involve and s not limited to marma points, nadis, meridians, chakras, body reading and the etheric body. I intend to study each one of the components in depth and break it down to understand it more fully. Its ambitious and its intense learning but the outcome will be an even better tantric massage and deeper understanding of how each bit works, hence my trip to India in March to find a teacher.

On top of all that I have a commitment to keep offering more of what I have been offering from the sensual girlfriend experience to the deviantley wicked Mistress or maybe a kinky play mate to take the lead or you may fancy being mauled by a rampant Lioness. I just love it when I see you completely let go it’s almost like I can see you go oh my goodness at last I let go and surrender into the experience as you relax into pleasure and ecstasy. So I look forward to welcoming you into my cosy boudoir that is space that has been created to facilitate my erotic offerings and I simply cannot wait to get myself reacquainted with you or welcome you for the first time to the wonderful erotic and sensual world of Kristina J…

Kristina J – Huddersfield Escort, Sensual Seductress and Temptress of the erotic arts…