Holiday - I am away back In Huddersfield 30th March by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Holiday - I am away back In Huddersfield 30th March

How to contact me while I am away.....

Sorry to miss you, I am off to India for 3 weeks to find myself an Ayurvedic Teacher, one day I will tell my story of India I have been many times before and always find it challenging yet loaded with so much that I have done there in the past.

I will be taking my phone with me this time but I won't be answering voice calls or texts. However if you want to contact me then you can send an email, message and whatsap and I will reply as soon as I can.

If you are looking to book when I get back then if you would like my advance booking availability then just drop me a whatsap or email and I will send it for you.

I am back in the country on Thursday 26th March so once I have go over my travelling I will be taking class and answering voice mails.

You can also keep in touch with me on Twitter if you want my twitter account jut drop me aline and I will send you a link.

I am looking forward to a much needed break and then looking forward to getting back the end of March all refreshed ready for some more very naughty fun.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort