Honey Trap by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Honey Trap

An erotic tale of seduction and fantasy.

Standing in the bar minding your own business, its been along day and you really feel the need to unwind with a cool refreshing drink. Just out of the corner of your eye you catch a flash of a red summer dress and high feels, feeling your attention drawn over to the sight of long legs. You cannot help yourself as you just catch a glimpse of stocking tops as she sits down. 

Taking a breath you have always loved a lady in red and now sliding on the seat next to you at the bar is a six foot blonde lady in red with killer feels and a twinkle in her eye.

As she leans forward you just catch the sight of her round breasts beneath her beautiful summer dress. She smiles at you looking directly into your eyes, you cannot help be be captivated by her beaming smile and shiny blue eyes which just somehow seem to draw you in. Noticing the glass of white wine n her hand and the way her fingers move up and down the stem of her glass you feel yourself getting aroused. Noticing as a sense of tingling excitement builds in your pants, you strike up a conversation with this woman. Taken in by her stocking clad legs and red high heels you feel yourself come over peculiar, like a teenage smitten again you just cannot help yourself. Speaking to this charming lady you find yourself just dropping into easy conversation its like you have known her all you life natural and flowing. Not only has she caught your attention she is also witty and intelligent and obviously well travelled. Before you know what has happened you are smitten and have offered to buy her dinner in this very swanky hotel restaurant, to your surprise she agrees.

Finding yourself sitting opposite her a few minutes later at the table where the conversation and wine are flowing, her beaming smile and intelligent wit captivate you. You notice she appears very in control of herself and very confident which turns you on as you just love a woman in control in every way. Then totally unexpectedly under the table you feel her leg rub against yours you feel her stockings against your ankle slowly rubbing before then gently moving up your leg. Looking at her over the table your eyes meet hers, she smiles and just carries on as if nothing is happening which seams to add to her amusement. She can see the excitement in your face but she does not let on she can see the confusion of what this means and she is well aware she is turning you on. Beaming in her thrill she just carries on with the conversation while under the table she is aware of a totally different conversation taking place. 

Finishing the meal she calls the waiter over and orders coffee for two, Noticing the look in your eyes os the evening is getting near the end she smiles a knowing smile. Calling the waiter back she tells him that we will take coffee in my room. Pulling her room key from her bag she issues the command to you, come with me. Bewitched and mesmerised by her oozing confidence you get up and simply obediently follow her to her room.

Taking the lift up four floors she pushes the bottom and as soon as the doors are closed she runs her finger over your white shirt and comes close to whisper in your ear. So you fancy your chances do you? Feeling yourself getting erect in your pants you feel to pull away but something stops you and before you know how to stop it she has pulled you close and embraced you in a slow lingering kiss that is enough to knock a saint sideways. As the lift gets to the fourth floor, and the doors open silently she steps out and beckons with her finger for you to follow. Again you are captured and intrigued by her you simply just follow as her high heels clip on the wooden floor as you make your way to her room without a word. 

Your mind is running overtime, here you are with a beautiful sensual woman being led to her room full of excitement and desire as you make up stories in your head of what you are going to to do with her how much fun you are going to have. This lady has a sense of intrigue coupled with confidence. She appears to be very much into taking the lead something that you have never experienced before. Feeling aroused but slightly nervous and she opens the door and puts a finger on her lips to tell you to be quiet, you enter the her room. 

She indicates to a chair in the corner and suggests you may like to sit down, facing the mirror of the desk you do as you are told and she smiles sweetly at you. As you go to speak she indicates for you to remain silent. By now you are so turned on by the unexpected the you feel you are wiling to do anything she says. She tells you she is going to refresh herself in the bedroom and challenges you to strip naked, coming a little closer you you she whispers in your ear. "I want to see all of what I have to play with tonight'. 

You cannot help yourself you just do what you are told and strip off while she is in the bathroom. You are feeling a sense of excitement and she's not going to miss the hard on between your legs but at the same time a sense of nervous excitement and anticipation its like been aroused yet sitting outside the headmistresses office. She shouts to from in the bathroom when I come out of here I want you to close you eyes. 

Sitting naked in the chair the next thing you feel is a her hands covering your eyes, opening your mouth to gasp with surprise as all of a sudden you are pitched into darkness's and a blind fold is expertly placed on you. Feeling her body brush against yours you can just about make out she has taken off her dress and has some very lacy underwear on. Tracing her fingers over your naked body as she sits astride you. You can feel her pussy through the lace underwear on your legs. This is almost getting too much and you are now excited to a point that your cock is throbbing and twitching away as the sense of excitement builds in your legs and tummy. Almost bubbling over as she places her hands gently on your face and gives you the most intense deep kiss that leaves you breathless. 

Just for fun she grinds herself on your legs, she knows you can feel her dampness through her panties. She whispers in your ear don't worry I know what I am doing you are going to be just fine, in fact you are going to have the time of your life. Breathing in you can smell her sweet perfume as you notice such desire to do as you are told. The penny drops os you slowly become aware that you are just about to become the play thing of this very sexy lady.

Instructing you to stand she takes your hand in hers and leads you to the bed. Positioning you just how she wants you she slides he body up over yours pressing down on you so you cannot move, you feel her hand comes to your mouth and her lips so close to your ears you feel the warmest of her breath. She utters the words 'tonight you are going to be mine'. Feeling aroused at been unable to move and having her forced upon you all you can do is nod in agreement. 

The next thing you know you are been strapped to the bed hearing the clanging of chains and restraints been placed around your writs and ankles so you cannot move. Your cock is now aching for her touch to feel her against you and give you some relief but you get a feeling this is not part of game. Her game is to make you suffer in excitement and she expertly pushes you time and time again to the edge each time more intense than the next. Dying to reach out and touch her but denied the pleasure this is her thrill of using you for her entertainment time and time again pushing your edges and getting you on the brink of climax only to stop at that critical moment which she just appears to magically know when it is. Each time she takes you to the edge she tells you a time that you are going to be kept waiting. You catch your breath when she leans over you with her breasts just out of reach and says only another 6 hours till day light how much can you take of this Honey trap? Followed by a cruel laugh of delight. You know you are in for a long night.

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort