Household Goodies by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Household Goodies

It is not always the toy store that has all the sexual implements I have a few household items that I use and I would like to share them with you of course I hope you like them as I will like using them on you, therefore you know where to come and experience the pleasure of the household goodies.

  • Firstly there is me of course.
  • A Silk Scarf can double up as a blindfold or an impromptu hand and leg truss so I can have my wicked way with you.
  • A Ruler or a flat headed hairbrush will transfer me into the impatient teacher ready to discipline a disobedient student.
  • Electric Tooth Brush can double as a vibrator, using the soft bristles I will run it over our bodies gently brushing the nipples and between our legs making sure I change heads before brushing my pearly whites.
  • I can make a cock ring by scrunching a fabric hairband around the base of your penis keeping you in a state of suspended Lust.
  • The feather duster you will have to visit me regarding this one its my secret. 

There are many more but that rolling pin I cannot find a use for that can you??

Men wear the pants but women control the zipper

Kristina You chose I use x