Huddersfield Escort Returns Home by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Huddersfield Escort Returns Home

India what a disaster that turned out to be...

Well hello from very unexpectedly the UK. I have had to cut my holiday to India short due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. What a disaster the last day turned into, there I was with my friend sitting in our hotel finally chilled out and relaxed when all of a sudden the General Manager turns up with the government directive on foreigners and the coronavirus.

This directive basically gave instructions of what to do if a foreigner presents with symptoms, however the Government had interpreted it as the was how all foreigners were to be managed despite if they have symptoms or not.

We saw all our accommodation cancelled within an hour for our entire trip, the issue being is the hotels did not want to take the risk that they may be landed with people for 14 to 28 days and have to accommodate and feedthem or have then take up rooms. We ended up locked down in our hotel for 24 hours unable to leave until we went to the airport to get our flights. After much consideration of how can we get to Goa and what happens if they shut down flights out of India we decided to head home.

I have been to India many times and I know how bad it can get when things go wrong so based on past very bad experiences I made the call to leave.

So now I am back home in Huddersfield my friend has been stopped in Dubai after she boarded a flight that had a confirmed case of coronavirus on it. Fortunately I was on an earlier flight and had no issues.

I am fit and well with no cough, temperature or sniffles just a bit of jet lag. So I intend to rest and catch up on all my admin over the next few weeks. Expect a few blogs which is always a good thing.

I intend to be back to the fun as planned on 30th but if I do start to present with any signs of illness will immediately let anyone pre booked in know. When I do come back on 30th I will be introducing hand sanitiser for everyone visiting me and upping my already high protocols in regards to sterilising and cleaning my boudoir.

So fo now I will log of but watch this space for some blogs now I have an opportunity to write all the stuff I have been meaning to write for the last 12 months.

Kisses as always Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Sensual Companion...