I have been shopping that can only mean one thing by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

I have been shopping that can only mean one thing

Oh I have been shopping (no not the normal girly shopping for handbags and shoes) that would be far too boring no when I go shopping we are talking kinky not vanilla….

I could not resist - I have been meaning to update my tens machine to a more robust one that delivers a lot more power so I went for the Elecrtastim Sensabox with 99 intensity levels oh boy am I going to have some fun with that…. Well I could not just buy a new control box without adding to my growing collection of tens toys so I bought a 4 pack of plain sounds to go with it including a micro sound, a depth charge electro dildo now that will reach places other don’t, and anal pleasure probe, classic pleasure probe, metal cock and scrotal loop, vaginal electoral dildo (one for the girls)……. Then I got carried away and added a mylar flogger for the Violet wand, an undulating penis plug (well how could I resist it sounds so kinky) a sperm stopper (sounds fun) a ball gag with dildo strapped to it – I have played with one of these before and it was a big turn on, and finally a leather hood for sensory deprivation, oh how I love sensory deprivation..

So I am now waiting for the postman to bring me my new toys – like a kid at Christmas jumping up to the window and looking out for him/her. I cannot wait to play and see what wickedness I can get up to fully armed with a full range of electro stim toys and 3 different contact methods.

I am also off to KFS (Kinky Fetish Sexy) next week in Leeds and the fetish market on the Saturday afternoon. I have my eye on some new floggers and whips and basically anything a little different.

Once you meet me you soon realise I love to play and I love to take sex and sexual experience to another level where I have you floating in ecstasy in complete sexual tension and anticipation building you up to an orgasm like you have never experienced before.

So come on let’s play and have some fun experiment and let me take you to places you have never been before…..

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx