I love couples too…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

I love couples too….

I love couples

Been Bisexual I am always thrilled when a couple come and see especially the devilish and erotically horny Mr and Mrs X. I had a fantastic session with them while working in Bristol, which started off with Mr X watching me and Mrs X get intimate together in hot bikinis and high heels, perfect outfit request for the hot weather. Mrs X wanted to be teased so as I had previously spoke to her we decided to put her onto my cross and make her watch me with Mr X. I had to make sure she was interested in what was going on before her eyes so brought her 'Kristina style' to the point where she needed to be to maintain interest (wink, wink) and then devilishly left her there while she watched me get it on with Mr X. She wanted to be kept entertained and loved to watch as me and Mr X romped on the bed so to speak. We could hear her moans of pleasure and excitement as we teased her to the point where she could stand it no longer and escaped from my cross to join in the fun, which reminds me I will have to make it more secure.

Now it was time to please her, my favourite 😊 I worked the 'Kristina Magic' to bring her to the point of no return several times and take her to a place where heaven and ecstasy combine into simple lusciousness, using my magic fingers and a few other tricks I have up my sleeve. I love giving pleasure especially when the recipient is a lady and took pleasure in her climax not stopping till the lady was satisfied Mr X was joining in all the time and in his element, with his hands full, if you know what I mean! Now time to work the 'Kristina magic' on Mr X and take him to the same place on the same journey by building him up nice and slow with both us ladies using our hands and mouths delivering him to ecstasy's door and backing off at the magic moment denying him complete access to get through the door. We could have played with him all afternoon, but secretly I do not think he could handle myself and Mrs X for too long before getting overly excited but we definitely had complete control of him and was thoroughly enjoying driving him so to speak before delivering him to divine release and bringing him back from where ever he had been into the magical world of my boudoir.

Thank you to Couple X for a fantastic time and it is people and couples like Mr and Mrs X who make what I do exciting and rewarding not to mention erotically naughty and sensational fun.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx