I love my Knickers by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

I love my Knickers

Last week end I decided to clear out my underwear draw you may think how boring but every pair had a story to tell, so many colours and styles. I then thought you my clients might be interested in the history of the humble knickers

There are so many words for knickers
Women did not usually wear knickers until the end of the 18th century. However after about 1800 women also wore underwear called drawers. Today we still say a pair of knickers. That is because in the early 19th century women’s underwear consisted to two separate legs joined at the waist. They really were a ‘pair’ of knickers. The word drawers was invented because underwear for women was drawn on. When men wore loose trousers for playing sports they were sometimes called knickerbockers. However in Britain women’s underwear were soon called knickerbockers too. In the late 19th century the word was shortened to knickers.

  • Draws
  • Briefs Bloomers
  • Pants
  • Undies
  • The list is endless.

At first knickers were usually very plain but in the late 19th century they were sometimes decorated with lace and bands. In the 1860s some women began to wear coloured Knickers although white remained very common. In the winter women often wore woollen knickers. No doubt they were needed in the days before central heating!.

In the 19th century knickers were usually open between the legs but in the 20th century closed knickers replaced them. In 1910 stockings and knickers were first made of rayon (at first rayon was called artificial silk). From the mid 20th century knickers were also made of nylon.

In the 1920s they became shorter. They ended above the knee. At that time pink, ivory or peach knickers were popular. (Knickers with short legs were called French knickers because many people thought anything risque came from France). By the 1940s and 1950s many women wore briefs. Meanwhile in Britain during the Second World War women sometimes used the silk from parachutes to make knickers. In the 1970s knickers became briefer still. Thongs became popular in Britain in the 1990s.

Knickers in a twist

Upset or stressed about an issue or situation

Example: the criticism from her boss really put her knickers in a twist.

Don’t get your knickers in a knot it solves nothing and makes you sit funny

Kristina Knickerless at the moment or whenever you want me to be. Xx