I love what I do and really want to keep it that way by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

I love what I do and really want to keep it that way

I may be an escort but I don’t see everyone that wants to see me

Hello lovely people

I am writing this blog but writing in the knowledge if you are reading this then the likelihood is that you don’t need to read this. After a text correspondence last week where the essence of it came out that the person texting was asking for something that I was not happy with. Basically a ninety minute appointment of fucking only the whole essence was he wanted to fuck me, no play, no eroticism just fucking for the whole time. While I know that may appeal to some of you but I am afraid it’s not my bag. The only exception to this is if you are multi orgasmic and we are engaged in an energy exchange ritual in that case I am delighted to have penetrative sex for 90 minutes.. I politely said no and his reply was you are an escort its what you do why not? Almost to say that all us escorts are capable of is being fucked. Apologies if my language is a bit crude but I am using the language in the text.

So to make the point this person is one of many over the years that I would say no sorry that’s just not for me and while penetrative sex, fucking or whatever term you wish to use is on my likes list and forms part of the overall experience its not the total experience for me. I want to enjoy the experience as much as you rather than being in a position where I am not enjoying what I do. For them of you that follow my blog you will know I am as much about the play and the interaction as I am just about fucking, in fact the play, the tease and erotic is what I have missed most. I really will not put myself in a position where I am not going to enjoy our time together as that is not a good place for you or for me. I want to welcome you as a person, as an individual and as a human with needs and desires and it is my intention that we have a mutually fantastic time. If I am not enjoying myself it will come across and that’s not what I want. I choose to do this work because I love the work itself but I also love the range of people that visit me and enjoy personal interaction as much as the sex.

It’s really strange that when you say no to someone they can get quite aggressive. I had a situation last year where someone wanted me to do an outcall and I asked for a deposit. He did not want to pay a deposit so I said I would not come without a deposit. The conversation turned quite nasty and he got abusive almost acting entitled which did not go down too well. The thing about this situation is there is no way I would want to spend time with such a person, would you send time with someone who was verbally abusive towards you? I am sure you wouldn’t and I really do not want to waste my time spending it with people who cannot be polite and have manners.

The other one that I see a lot of although not so much anymore is when someone rings to ask if I am available and I say no then the caller just puts the phone down, no thank you or anything literally just drops the line. I know it’s difficult to understand I struggle with it too. I find it really rude so these people instantly make my black list I don’t want spend to time with anyone who does that, why would I?

This is one of the reasons why when you book I like to get an idea of what you would like and also like to speak with you. We may be engaging in adult sexual activity but it really helps if we can also hold a polite, respectful conversation it just makes the experience so much better for you and for me.

So please do be polite I am a human and I do know how much we sex workers can be objectified and I accept this but please do remember that are still human with friends and families just like you. For the best time possible the old saying as treat others how you wish to be treated. I am very much an advocate of this being nice to each other is something that is fast dying out in society so lets try and keep such a wonderful interaction mutually pleasing, and fun as we treat each other as the humans that we are.

So yes I am an escort and a person as well, I love to play and as an escort I love to make peoples day and put a smile on their face. I am also very compassionate and understanding of your needs and desires. Even though I am an escort I consider myself to be skilled, educated and knowledgable in the field of sexuality I feel that I am able to offer a much more comprehensive range of services that is backed up by experience and knowledge and love to put my skills to good use.

The essence of what I do is that I am here to meet your desires and please whilst enjoying our time together too. Not at the expense of my enjoyment as that’s where things start to go seriously wrong, physically, mentally and emotionally. In order to do what I do I have to keep myself well balanced and healthy if I was in appointment after appointment doing things I do not enjoy this will have a detrimental effect on my health and that is something I will not let happen as without our health we have nothing..

So I look forward to welcoming you as a person, as an individual and as a human for some mutually enjoyable fun…

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort