In Flow with Kristina J by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

In Flow with Kristina J

Going with the Flow..

I really feel to talk about flow and what it is to truly go with the flow.

Quite often when I ask someone what they would like to do with me they said just go with the flow. I just feel to speak to this as in what is flow? 

To be in flow is the experience of being completely involved in an activity.  It's where we drop the limits of self-consciousness and where the concept of time drops away.  It's place of fluidity, where every action movement and thought flows with no bounds from the previous one.  In my experience flow is ultimately about been fully in the present moment.  I often find that when I am in flow with someone, I am in a state of consciousness that allows complete immersion in the situation.

To be fully inflow is a place where the ego is left behind, it's a place of moving into consciousness and spontaneity with a focus on only what we are doing. I find that one of the key aspects of been in flow is the ability to clear the mind.  It's only with a clear mind that we are able to drop into instinct an intuition. 

It's almost like a meditation and one of the things that I say is when touch is done right it is a meditation.  When fully in flow and resonance with another person, the garbled repetitive nonsense of the outside world ceases to be.  To be in flow is the totally let go and come into the moment which is a delicious place to be especially when you bring some intimacy into it.

For me it's an art of performing in the absence of thought.  What I have found over the years is when thought drops away my attention because focused on the person I am with.  It's such a rare gift in the modern world to be in a place of focused attention of another human being.  In connection and in resonance, authentically and organically.  The modern world holds so many distractions just think about your mobile phone, computers, iPads media , television and any other communication device that's there to distract you.  To me these distractions are not real and they are certainly not authentic.  They distract from the ability to quieten the mind and allow intuition. 

Imagine stepping into a world away from the distractions of the outside world and imagine being able to lose yourself inflow and in connection with another human being.  Imagine the peace this will bring and rejuvenation of your human experience as we move from the digital world to the real world of intimate connection between two consenting adults.

One of the important aspects of making flow safe is the ability to communicate and set boundaries before entering into the flow.  Creating the safe container enables both people to fully enter into been in flow with the other without worrying about having to uphold or not being heard and seen in their boundaries.  While I am very happy to enter into flow and intimate connection with you I feel the need to recognise boundaries as an important part of stepping into this delicious place together.  I also find that setting boundaries create a resonance between two people.  I come back to that age old paradox that the safer you feel the more you will let go.

What are you waiting for come and find that place of safety away from the trials of the modern world, lose yourself and let go for a little while and in the meantime have some fun and human connection.  It will do wonders for you and leave you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated….

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Erotic Muse