Indulge, Explore and unwind in a the perfect play space with a Sensual Seductress by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Indulge, Explore and unwind in a the perfect play space with a Sensual Seductress

Hello wonderfully sexy people..

I have moved and oh my have myself and my interior designer friend create something magnificent for you to relax, indulge and play in.

Now it really is like entering into another realm and opulence and luxury and oozing class. Think, Fifty Shades of Grey meets Murder Mile Studios and you are somewhere near there. Plush, warm, welcoming and decadent a space that has been created for you to relax and let the world go by, a place where you forget the world outside and slide in relaxation and excitement.

Entering the world of Kristina J – UK Escort is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Can you imagine just been able to indulge in play, fantasy, fetish and kink or indulge in the perfect ambiance for that intimate Girl Friend Experience.

As soon as you walk into the space the mod is set, with ambient music, mood lighting every detail has had so much thought put into it. I have spent time on the fine details to make it as perfect as it could ever be.

You will find all the toys neatly stacked away in antique cupboards there is nothing left un catered for. Open the cupboards if you dare and see what you want to explore you will find everything possible and maybe something you have never even thought of…

With plenty of room for play whatever that means for you, it could be a delightful relaxing and stimulating Tantric Massage or cosy intimate liaisons with a stunning, friendly lady, or you could wish to play maybe be tied to my St Andrews Cross int he BDSM space, or put over my spanking bench / fucking bench and watch in the full length floor to ceiling mirrors. You may want to dive into my range of dressing up clothes and explore some kinky fun wearing women's lingerie well that is possible too. I really truly believe in meeting you where you are at and allowing you the space and opportunity to dive deep and fly high….

With your pleasure set as my intention the space I have created says it all, welcome, come in and make yourself at home, indulge and explore and let me take you by the hand and lead you even further into your desires and fantasies than you could ever imagine was possible..

I look forward to welcoming you to my realm the world of Kristina J…

Tender kisses - Kristina J - UK Escort in Huddersfield xxxx