Keeping in touch by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Keeping in touch

Words of kindness and support

We have all been faced with very difficult challenges in the last few days as social distancing rile have come into force and moe people are self isolating including me.

I am finding this challenging as I am used to a lot of interactions with people and I do miss this. I am however taking this period of time as a period of reflection. Instead of fighting against what is happening I have taken to allow myself to sit in the uncertainty and allow that will be to be. This reframing has really helped me to drop into a space of calm acceptance rather than frustrated rebellion.

The only thing I know fo sure is I will be back to doing what I love the most I am not sure when though. I was hoping that I would return next week but this I looking more and more unlikely and I will be contacting everyone who has an appointment booked with me at the back end of the week.

We really are entering a time of uncertainty and of stepping back to basic needs and in doing this I am taking it as an opportunity of learning about myself and what is important to me. I am staggered at the crazy panic buying words fail me and selfish behaviours are beyond my capacity of thought, I simply have no words but I do ponder where the panic buyers are storing the shopping - maybe they are building sheds or digging holes in the the garden and burying it I mean a house can only store so much and a person can only eat so much. I really do believe in the this of taking just what you need and therefore making sure there is enough for everyone. I am reading a book called affluence without abundance, about the ancient civilisations of the San people. They are the base line of humanitarian's and trace back hundreds of thousands of years. They took just what they needed as they recognised that basic survival was about allowing the resources to keep replenishing and if they skipped the resources then while some would have had a lot others would have starved. Just imagine if the San people had an attitude of greed and entitlement then there is a good chance humanity would never have evolved the way it has.

When faced with crisis and uncertainty I have allowed myself to look at what really matters to me and what is important and I am surprised at what I found. Overall I am feeling good, I am doing well and I am secure in uncertainty.

I recognise that it is important for everyone to remain connected and therefore the invitation is for all my wonderful and very lovely visitors to stay in touch with me and drop me a message, what sap, text or email or even give me a call as I welcome the connection given I am missing everyone. Plus I know some of you lovely people out there on your won will welcome the option to have a chat with me. I am not at this moment offering any kind of erotic phone chat but I will be looking at this in the next few days at the moment its about basic needs of staying in touch.

A few people have asked how long I may be off for, to answer this I simply do not know what I do know is the year has gone tits up as courses are been cancelled so my schedule is changing rapidly but in the next few days my schedule involves writing, drinking peppermint tea and catching up with lovely visitors and special friends on the phone.

Please do keep safe everyone and don't take any chances what we are facing is something the world has never seen before and risk taking is simply not an option.

Embracing the uncertainty and looking forward to returning to normal what ever normal may look lie int he future.

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Sensual seductress.. xxxx