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Thank you for all you lovely people checking in with me

Kristina Escort

It has been lovely to speak to some of my Clients on the phone over the last few weeks and I really do believe that staying in touch is the key so I really do appreciate the messages, emails and phone calls I have received. So if you have had any pressing questions or anything you want to ask me now is the time to make the most of my availability to talk as when I am back working and having fun I don’t have the luxury of free and available time..

I am doing fine no sign of any dreaded virus although I have an ear infection which is reoccurring and that is annoying but not going to the doctors until all this is over.

I have been thinking about creating an only fans profile but I don’t have a photographer at the moment I will have tottery and thing of a way around this… We will see how long the lock down goes on for as to whether I do get around to doing this.

I have been spending a lot of time walking and thinking which is pure luxury and I really do enjoy my daily walk out get some fresh air and see the countryside and beach. I am not in Huddersfield at the moment I have gone home, I will return to Huddersfield as soon as I can. It’s weird to see lots of lone walkers all over the place, people like me walking in isolation.

My next bog job is a new website I have been speaking to my website designer about this and hope to have something ready for when I am allowed to return to the madness and fun of my ‘normal’ life. I really do hope these restrictions don’t go on too long, although I do appreciate the need for them but I am so missing all the fun..

It is looking more and more like my trips to Australia this year will not be going ahead which is really frustrating but I can go next year. I spoke to some of my Australian counterparts and they aren’t allowed to the states they are or travel internally so its very doubtful I will be travelling later this year. There fore when all this is over expect some diary changes which I will update just as son as I know what is going on.

This really is a period of uncertainty no one knows and not in our lifetimes have we faced such a challenge on a global scale. I really hope that she good does eventually come out of this. It has been a challenge to allow the uncertainty and just go with each day and weeks as they come without making any plans, this has been big learning for me.

Anyway until such a time I can slip back into my stockings and welcome you to my boudoir do keep reading I really appreciate that you take the time to read my blogs.

Stay safe and take no chances..

Kisses K xxx