Kristina Escort - Good Girl - Bad Girl… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Kristina Escort - Good Girl - Bad Girl…

I want to be a good girl – Yes I do

Do what I am told, stop being a tease, sit up straight, mind my manners and pardon my tongue..

How can I be a good girl though when I am a bad girl at heart?

I cannot help myself - I love pushing boundaries, seeing how far I can push towards the edge without going too far and falling off.

That glint in my eye and that wicked smile on my face – oh I just cannot resist being so wickedly naughty.

I only need to give one look and you know it's going to be oh so naughty but how much fun??

Come and hold my hand as I take you deep on a journey into the darkness of the fantasy but with a promise to bring you back out again.

For a little while throw caution to the wind and do exactly what you have been longing to do

So come and play with me if you like. I will promise to be good, at least until the very good bad girl comes out….

Kristina Yorkshire Escort