Kristina J - Escort for Couples…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Kristina J - Escort for Couples….

Threesome with couples for those who wish to dive in and explore...

Hello lovelies.

I have recently had the very wonderful pleasure of meeting with a number of couples over the summer which has being a real treat.

So a blog to all those couples who are looking to explore then look no further I would be more than happy to welcome you here to my wonderful space in Huddersfield where we can explore as a threesome.

One of the themes that has appeared to run though most of my coupe meetings is the desire of the woman to experience being with another woman. I really understand this being bi sexual myself and having my lovely partner Ruby Red who I share with all you lovely people every couple of months and although I don’t have a preference over male or female and like to have bot, well who wouldn’t I do enjoy the sensuality of a womans touch.

When meeting couples my interest is making sure you get what you want as a couple but also as two individuals this is really important for me that you are met and supported in this. As with any one who is experienced it is easy to run away with things but it really is about meeting you where you are as a couple and as an individual and taking some time to listen and understand your needs desires and wants.

I always talk a lot about consent and boundaries as well as I understand that it is your relationship and that has tom come first. So I like to talk to you both first so everyone is clear of the rules and no one gets hurt. This is the primary reason for using a professional over having a three some with a single friend, boundaries get blurred and emotions get involved, friendships get damaged and someone gets hurt which is not what this is about. I had the pleasure of one couple many years ago who described me like saying its like keeping you in a box and getting you out when we want to play and then putting you away knowing you arn't going to get involved in our relationship. There are very clear lines and nothing is blurred or muddy..

Therefore if you wish to explore as a couple and invite a third person whether it be myself or someone else I would advise taking the time to make sure there are clear boundaries.. Boundaries between yourself as a couple and between yourselves and the third person. Have an open and honest conversation about what you wish to experience and what is a limit. For example I have met couples where the agreement was no kissing between myself and the male in the couple, or where the male has chosen that he only wants to have sex with his partner ad not me. No one needs to know or ask about the dynamics behind the boundary just what the boundary is. This is more important in a couples threesome play than anywhere else as a simple oversight can change the fun into an emotional mess.

I like to talk about your desires and fantasies between the three of us so everyone knows and encourage open speaking and space for this to happen. It is my job to listen to what you want and make it happen but also to give everyone a voice and an opportunity to voice their desires and thoughts. It is just as important to me as it is to you that we get it right.

When we come to the session I always like to give couples a little something to take home with them, and this can be anything from an empowerment exercise to how to tie your partner up safely to a new technique or a new toy to play with or simply a new place to touch or way of touching and or teasing.

I feel with my extensive training across many different modalities I have a lot to offer couples who wish to explore together and I really welcome the opportunity to do this.

So if you are a couple reading this well done for getting this far and for being honest with each other to allow you to get this far, I would love to hear from you if you feel that right for you and it would be my pleasure to dive into the world of three and help you make your thoughts, passions, desires and fantasies into a beautiful experience for you..

Kisses Kristina J Yorkshire Escort xxx