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Kristina J Yorkshire Escort

What I offer is not just a job or a service its a passion and a life work of understanding and enhancing erotic, sexual and intimate encounters.

I was speaking to a prospective new client this last week who said to me its refreshing to see someone who is passionate about what they do.

This got me thinking as I just do what feels right but then I thought about how passionate I am about my work and how much more I offer than just a basic escorting service. I have a real desire to get into and play with erotic content and bring to play some interesting concepts and theories around sexual and erotic excitement. For me the thrill is in the understanding and through the understanding comes the ability to play out complex scenes around arousal and excitement. This is what I love the deep thinking of how it all works and fits together based on years of studying and desire to know more coupled with a curious mind. For me a basic escorting service is you turn up have sex and leave which does not really do much for me I much prefer the play the quality interaction, the sense of touch, touching and being touched along with supporting anyone who dares to deeper into their erotic and sexual selves, whatever that may mean to you.

It is a passion and I set out every year to make a difference, a difference to myself an my journey and also more importantly a difference to the lovely people who visit me. I recognise that every one has a different reason for coming to see me and some will share their reasons other won’t and either way is ok, but I set out to do my very best and deliver some ah ha moments long the way. You see the passion for me is not the sex or the thrill of the sex it’s the ability to unpick scenarios and build them back up again into something individual and meaningful. The passion is about the you the valued visitor and how I relate to the you. Its about using my skills and knowledge in order to open doors that you may have walked passed before, tis about making you safe enough to feel aroused and its giving you a taste of true excitement and the possibilities. To do this I spend hours studying different concepts that go way beyond just sexuality and then applying them concepts. Every course I go on there is always an ah ha moment of oh so that how that works and wow I can use that to do that. It is just endless and a lifetimes work of really understanding how people relate to each other in sexual and erotic encounters.

Most of all what I do is delivered with real reverence and from a place of compassion and understanding without being pushy or taking you somewhere you don’t want to go this is really important to making you feel safe enough to let go.

I do this because I want to share with you my experience and my knowledge, I want to give you the best possible experience possible and I want you to go away thinking wow that was outstanding. I want to you feel fulfilled and also expanded, I really want you to feel valued and have had a positive experience. I would love it if you learnt something about yourself along the way also, no matter how big or small that is. I guess that’s my primary focus to share my knowledge and skills to enhance your knowledge and skills and create them ah ha moments. This is why I am passionate about what I do as its more than just sex for the sake of sex its has a meaning attached to it and a value and that’s what makes such a difference to me. It is all about the experience and the whole experience form start to finish rather than just wham bam thank you ma’am.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort