Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort - Meeting you where you are at by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort - Meeting you where you are at

One of my golden rules 0- meeting you where you are at but what exactly does that mean…

One of my golden rules is about meeting you where you are at.. I adopt this rule as I offer so many different services and I realise that every meeting is very individual to you. It allows me to give you the experience you are seeking rather than only offering only one thing. It allows me to tap into my vast experience and training to give you the quality that you deserve. In order to do this fully I have to meet you where you are at, so if you are seeking tantric massage then that’s where we go, if you are seeking a sensual GFE experience then that is exactly what you get if you would prefer a kinky GFE then again I meet you in the request fully.

The ability to do this really supports me in offering such diverse services without boxing me into one category, I have over the years become a master of listening to your requests and I mean really listening and reading your emails if you have sent me an email request to be fully present and honour you and your time with me as you would like it to be.

I know some of you have commented that because I offer BDSM then if you book me for a sensual GFE how do I know that you won’t dominate me?

Its simple its about respect and boundaries and I can not say it enough that your boundaries are always honoured as to not honour boundaries would be to violate and break trust and this is something that I am simply would not do. Through out your time with me you are invited to ask for what you want and if I am doing something you don’t like to tell me - its a two way conversation and its your body that I am playing with, stroking, caressing and touching and I respect this. If I do something you don’t like I really invite you to tell me or if I doing something and you would rather I do something else again the invitation s to speak up. I would hate for you to endure something I am doing I would much rather you love our time together. The two way conversation really supports this and allows you to feel at ease to ask for what you want. There are certain times throughout our time I will ask you questions these questions are designed to tease out of you what you want rather than me making suggestions and you simply following them. I have come to realise in the last twelve months I am really mastering this important skill and comes under Betty Martins wheel of consent work which I weave into our time. It’s simple and effective and above all give you the opportunity to be met where you are at.

For them of you that struggle with this concept and I know for some it can be really difficult to speak up and ask for what you want, this is where my training comes in. Before you know it, it will be in a natural conversation and you will be doing it without realising as I support you in this with some very subtle timely questions…

When you meet with me it is all about your experience and what I can do to enhance your experience based on what you ave asked for. I really pride myself in been open and honest and holding integrity when I am with you and giving you what you have asked for within the realms of my own boundaries.

I am passionate about this as I really believe it makes for an individual session that is just for you rather than going through the motions and after all you are with me to be pampered, be valued and be met in your fantasies and erotic play.

As always any questions feel free to drop me a line I am here to make your experience the bast I can..

Kisses Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort and Sensual companion….