Kristina Yorkshire Escort - Hello Glasgow! xx by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Kristina Yorkshire Escort - Hello Glasgow! xx

So I have left my Headquarters in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and headed north for a few days crossing the borders into Scotland and arriving to somewhat of a welcoming committee in Glasgow. As a touring Escort I am always a little apprehensive when it is my first tour somewhere but true to form Scotland has been as welcoming and friendly as ever and is firmly on my tour calendar.

The journey was a near disaster, after booking my train tickets on line I had to collect them from one of the automated machines. Arriving at the station with plenty of time, could I make the machine do what I want it?? No after several attempts and me nearly hitting it with one of my stilettos I decided to go to the ticket desk. Now with 5 minutes to go there is a massive queue. Eventually I make it to the front the man comes to my rescue…. I am forever a damsel in distress!! I just make it across the platform and onto the train.

My tickets tell me I have to change at Edinburgh Haymarket but the train is going to Glasgow central so thinking I am on the right train I decide to save myself changing trains and remain comfortable in my seat. On arriving at Glasgow I need to take a train to Charing Cross< I check all the boards and can not see anything to where I want to go so ask Customer Services. I am told it is a 5 minute walk to Queen Street, so off I set with the biggest, heaviest suitcase in the world on what tunred out to be a 20 minute hike across Glasgow with 3 Bags and getting lost…

I eventually arrive at the hotel and admit I am early but I am told I cannot check in till 2pm… So I leave my bags and take myself off for a spot of lunch and relax a little. I go back to the hotel at 1.45pm and again I am told I have to wait till 2pm. Right now I am not happy and want to hit the receptionist with my stiletto thinking better of it I refrain and sit down. Then a couple come and they check in straight away….. now I really am not happy so I ask why I cannot check in and 5 minutes early I am given my room key and off I go. I get to the room and open the door. Well the room has not been cleaned and looks like someone has had a party in it. Back to the reception with stiletto in hand this time I mean business.

So after a very stressful trip of nearly missing the train, staying on the wrong train, getting lost and having a nightmare checking in I finally make it to my room with barely enough time to get ready for my first bit of fun for the day.

But all that is forgotten as I am given the true Scottish hospitality and welcome from some wonderful guys, the very reason why I will keep coming back to Glasgow and Scotland again and again.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx