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Kristina Yorkshire Escort - Introducing the Venus 2000

Kristina Yorkshire Escort - Introducing the Venus 2000 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Kristina Yorkshire Escort - Introducing the Venus 2000

Introducing the Venus 2000

Imagine the scene you have entered my boudoir and here for my pleasure. I have asked you to save yourself for me as I want every little bit of you and my pleasure is knowing you have been waiting and anticipating me.

I am dressed in Latex and thigh high boots with my riding crop in my hands. Standing taller than you at over 6ft in my heels you can tell from my body language that my wishes will be obeyed and you will follow my commands. My body is pressed against your and I can feel the stirring in your pants already as you anticipate my touch and await my instruction.

Whispering in your ear I instruct you to present yourself and you are over dressed. Eagerly you remove your clothes and fold them neatly on my bed.

I can see your excitement rising between your legs at the thought of what is to come and the anticipation of my attention.

I instruct you to lie on my bed and prepare yourself for me, eager to please you move onto my bed and lay waiting for me to restrain you. Firmly I secure you to the bed, leaning over you my latex covered breasts rubbing against your naked body I whisper in your ear. 'So there you are, bound and restrained, committed to my desire, I hope you have been saving your cum for me? I want every last little drop of it and I am going to take it from you – so you understand?. You nod your head your and give you the look, which you means I will indulge your visual longings but just remember I am firmly in control of you and your orgasm.

I straddle you standing above you and lower myself on to your face o=instructing you to kiss and lick everything you can see. I tell you I want to fuck your face, obediently you stick your tongue out ready for my pleasure.

I decide it is time to tease you, looking at your cock I can see it is rock hard and dripping pre cum, flicking my tongue over the end of your hard cock I take your pre cum into my mouth and pass it back to you. Softly whispering in your ear, 'I don't want that messing up my velvet bed sheets, you can have it back'. You suck hard on my tongue taking all your pre cum into your mouth and swallowing it. Reaching for my Magic wand I tease the end of your cock till you let out a moan of pleasure. Smiling my wicked smile I tell you quite firmly that is nothing I have something special for you….. I tell you in a soft whisper, 'I am going to play with you, oh am I going ot have some fun with you, this is just the start'.

Reaching for the Venus 2000 I attach it to your hard throbbing cock. There is nothing you can do except submit, restrained to my bed. My Venus 2000 slips easily onto your cock, you can feel the rubber suck tightly around your hard cock.

Setting the controls off nice and slow I can see you squirming in pleasure and anticipation. I stand over you and insert a dildo in my wet pussy. How much more can you take, there is nothing you can do you are under my control. I hear you maom – 'please make me cum'. Smiling down at you I tell you very firmly 'No, I am not ready yet. You watch me play with my pussy with my dildo, while the Venus 2000 keeps you right on the egde…. 'Gagging for it, are you?' I pull my dildo out of my pussy and tell you to clean every bit of wet pussy juice off it. Desperate to please and be rewarded you obey sucking it into your mouth tasting my sweet fresh female cum licking my pussy juice till it is totally clean.

I tell you I want your cum, I am am going to simply take it from you, rob you of your cum and rip it out of you. That is what I want, you have no other choice but to give me every single drop that you have been saving for me.

Reaching for the Venus 2000 I turn the controls up and remind you I am in charge of your orgasm and it is mine….. You can feel yourself building up as I play with you, turning the Venus 2000 up and slowing it down, teasing and controlling you till you can take no more. You explode in the most intense orgasm every letting out a moan of pleasure and release. Do I turn the machine off or force you into multiple orgasms……..

Totally for my pleasure…..

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