Lady Kristina of the Manor by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Lady Kristina of the Manor

An erotic story written by one of my lovely visitors about the highly arousing fantasy play based on power dynamics.

I love it when I receive erotic stories written by my lovely visitors even ore so when I can publish them on my blog so a big thank you for working and allowing me to share this wonderful encounter…

Titled - Lady Kristina of the Manor

Lady Kristina lived in a huge country mansion with a fearsome but also sensual reputation of dominating men, especially those who betrayed her!! I was hired as the gardener who foolishly decided one day he desperately needed to use the bathroom. Once upstairs, all kinds of dirty and horny thoughts got inside his head and noticing Lady K’s bedroom door was open, he thought he’d poke his head inside to have a look around. No sign of anyone, and he then noticed on the bed was a box full of what appeared to be his boss’ underwear and stockings. It was at this moment, the employer and employee relationship would change forever…

He walked over to the box, lifted the lid and began to explore the delights that lay inside. White silky thongs, black g-strings, red lacy knickers as well as seamed stockings got his attention and soon made hims powerless to resist unzipping his trousers and beginning to stroke. Picture the scene - the gardener now with bulging cock in hand with his boss’ knickers in the other held close to his face and nose and imagining more. But then, “waking” him from his imagination, goes a booming voice “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!!”. His heart was now pounding as he stumbles to turn around and trying to remove and hide the lacy panties from his head and put his hard cock away whilst stammering no response. Lady K’s face was one of anger. “Pick the ones you want to wear” she said. “Wh, what do you mean Lady Kristina?”. “Oh, well, you enter my bedroom and start looking at my knickers, you must want to wear them!”. His face dropped and just as he was sorting his clothes out, Lady K in a stern, unforgiving voice instructs him to strip. The gardener stuttered again, only for Lady K to furiously pull down his trousers down to his ankles making his cock dance. He started to realise she meant business and was about to teach him a proper lesson.

“Now strip. You are going to wear those panties and be a good boy otherwise you’re getting sacked and with a young wife and child, you cannot afford to lose this job can you?. “And if I do sack you, you will be walking home naked.” As he pulled up the black lacy panties, Lady K had a devilish twinkling in her eye and pulled out some polka dot stockings. “I think you want these on too don’t you; stand on one leg, I will help put them on. She pulled up the stockings making sure when she reached the top, she would brush her fingers against his balls tucked into the tiny knickers and letting out a quiet moan. “Now, follow me into my playroom”. The playroom was her dungeon and he was made to stand and face a daunting St Andrews Cross. He started to tremble with fear.

Blindfolded and placed with a ball gag, Lady K laughed as she said “Oh where to start with you”. With a whimpering “I’m very sorry Mistress I’ll never…” “Sorry, we’ll see how sorry you are”. Thwack, there went the first flogger, which led to further strokes, Lady K only stopping to admire the rapidly reddening buttocks as well as stroking the front of his tiny panties. “Hmmm, I think you’re enjoying this, your cock is getting harder”, at which point Lady K tugged at the front and his cock appeared outside of the panties. She then forcibly fed him precum and gave further punishment for making her panties wet.

She then moved his legs apart and pulled down the panties to insert a vibrating butt plug and continued to hit him with a flogger and feed his precum “Your cock is rock hard, what are we to do with it” and ordered him onto his knees over her bench. Lady K removed her dress but said under no circumstances to touch her. She then removed her underwear, and tantalising teased him with her delicious arse just inches from his face. “I want you to lick my clit”. He licked and sucked away at her clit, desperately trying to please her, at the same time the butt plug probed his arse, his cock rock solid, dripping with precum, which Lady K would occasionally scoop onto her fingers and shove into his mouth to lap up. “My arse needs some attention too slave, get that tongue in and lick my arse”.

Lady K then got up and turned him onto all fours, removing the butt plug and remarked how the staff would like to see the gardener on all fours on her bench, arse in the air wearing her polka dot stockings. The gardener was silent, wondering what she was going to do next. He didn’t have to long to wonder, as she pulled out a strap-on cock. She pulled it on and faced him, lifted his head and instructed him “Suck”. He pulled a face so she slapped him with her cock “Suck it well slave otherwise this will hurt your little arse even more!”. As he eagerly sucked her rubber cock, she mocked him “You’re my little dirty cock slut!” Then it was time for him to be fucked with the cock. Pain and pleasure, he was trying to hide the fact he was being humiliated but he was loving it but he was desperate to turn the tables and for him to be fucking Lady K.

Next, it was time to go to her bedroom, but lady K made very clear she was in charge, strapping him to all 4 corners of the bed, and still with the blindfold on. The edging continued with hot wax and ice being poured over his body, then more torture with electrics, followed by a fleshlight. He was writihing in ecstasy, squirming over the bed, and wondered how much more he could take.

“How much do you want to fuck me” she whispered in his ear. “very much mistress” came the breathless reply. “Don’t you dare make a single thrust, I’m going to ride you, and don’t you dare cum, if you want to keep your job”. She climbed on top and pushed his cock deep inside her and slowly rocked up and down. His cock was throbbing, desperately not wanting to cum. Not being allowed to move was killing him, he just wanted to loosen himself from the shackles and turn her over, but he was completely powerless. She would go fast and hard, taking his cock deep, then easing off and slowing down to further torment him, laughing at him “You so want to cum don’t you”, he simply nodded. “Tell me how much you want to cum”. “yes mistress, I’m desperate to cum”. “haha, not yet, you’ve not satisfied me” and on she went sliding up and down on his pulsating cock that was leaking precum like a waterfall.

She got off, shoved her arse on his face and demanded more licking. He inhaled the sweet aroma of her pussy and lapped up her juices, whilst she enveloped his cock in her mouth where she sucked him frantically until he could take no more “Oh God, I’m going to cum” he cried, and his cock exploded into her hungry mouth, erupting like a volcano. She then reached around and snowballed his load and snogged his face off letting him taste and wear his cum. He laid there breathless wondering what the fuck had just happened. He had never experienced anything like this before, never been the submissive male but he knew he had loved every minute.

“Hmmm, have I taught you a lesson slave? I might just let you keep your job and use you as my new toy said Lady K licking her lips tantalisingly…