Language of our erotic selves by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Language of our erotic selves

Exploring the language we use around our erotic fantasies and desires

I was having a conversation the other week with one of my lovely visitors around a piece he had written as part of his self discovery and the topic of sexual language came up.

He said he wanted to use stronger language than what was in the text but didn’t. So me being curious asked why not? The response was out of respect to me, which is really lovely but when it comes to our erotic selves language is important. The words we use to describe our genitals and bodies sometimes get over looked or suppressed from many different reasons but for me its vitaly important to get the language right.

Therefore I will use whatever language my visitor decides to use, to if they use the word pussy I will use this word if they want to go little stronger and use the word cunt then again I use this word, same with cock, dick, willy, thingy, or whatever your word is.

The reasons for this is that quite often in a sexual context language is shamed so its opening up this shaming and allowing ourselves to be comfortable with the words we choose to use in eroticisum without fear of judgement and when the other person in the sexual tryst uses the same words back it reaffirms that the chosen language is acceptable and allowed. Also by matching the language builds resonance between the two parties and this allows greater levels of allowing ourselves to explore and discover when we feel in tune with the other person.

The power of using naughty words in a sexual context is liberating and it is allowed as a verbal demonstration of our erotic selves, plus words can be a huge turn on and enhance the sexual excitement just by getting the vocabulary right. This is one of the reasons I will ask or use the words that you use to describe your own genitals and mine. I am very comfortable with this language in context out of context though I am not too keen so I would not call some one walking down the street a cunt, but I am very happy to talk dirty using the work cunt, pussy, fanny, foo fo, flower or whatever other word you choose to use. I have even met people in the past who sadly are so shamed by their genitals they have no name for that part of their body, which is really heartbreaking to see but gives an opportunity to open up and accept our genitals as a wonderful part of ourselves.

So its a good time when exploring our erotic selves to also explore the language that turns you on and and what feels right for you…

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort