Looking to 2022 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Looking to 2022

Hello lovey followers and readers

I hope you are all having a great festive season, I have been very busy as always with friends and family and managed to escape to the Cheviot hills for a week away in a secluded cottage with just a few friends and family.  It was exactly what I needed and have emerged recharged and refreshed and very much looking forward to the New year.

So in the period between Christmas and New Year it’s a great time to reflect on the last year and look ahead with excitement to the New Year, however first of all I just want to give a thought to all those who find the festive period a struggle, as it is not all about fun and laughter and I acknowledge those of who find it isolating and lonely, so let’s bear a thought for those people.

So looking forward to the New Year we are currently in the middle of surging Covid cases, I know I am getting so fed up with it but I feel to share my thoughts and what I intend to do in the coming months.  In the week before my Christmas break I was insisting on lateral flow tests as I did not want to mess up my Christmas or anyone else’s Christmas.  Moving into the New Year I will not be insisting on them for my visitors however for myself I will continue to do them several times a day to keep you safe.  This is because I value and have respect for my visitors and recognise that some of you have health issues and I would be devastated if I unwittingly passed on the virus. My gentle request is to think the same and be responsible when visiting as you would like me to be responsible.  I know it’s boring right but it is also necessary given the situation we all find ourselves in.  

I also go to great lengths to stay away from crowded places as much as possible so you are not going to find me in a busy night club, pub, cinema or even restaurant for that matter. When I do socialise with my friends and family, we all take lateral flow tests just to be sure we are safe.  Again, it’s is about being responsible and using the systems we have in place to protect ourselves and others.

Moving on to my advertised working dates, some of you may have noticed that I have 7 weeks booked out the beginning of May into June.  This is for some training I am due to complete in Australia however it is looking more and more unlikely that I will be going due to covid.  I will make a decision on this early February and update my dates accordingly so this is most likely to see some extra weeks become available so that is good news for you so please do keep an eye on my availability.

Which brings me onto my January holiday, I was due to go to Egypt in January but I have now put this back until September as I just don’t think it is worth it at the minute.  I am however still booked to go to South Africa and now have a course on Tantric Deamouring to attend there so I am hoping this will be possible but I will make a decision on this in February.  Its strange never in my life have I booked holidays with the thought that I may not get there but that appears to becoming the norm at the minute and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this.

Talking about training I have a big year coming up as I am embarking on what is possibly going to be my most challenging training yet as I delve deep into breathwork.   The course I have chosen is an international certification and delves not only into breath work, but also polyvagal theory, somatic experiencing, somatic unwinding, and releasing held tension form our bodies. What has that go to do with sexual pleasure I hear you ask?  Well in short everything as there is a lot of what we carry with us subconsciously that hinders us reaching our full sexual pleasure and I really feel this course is going to give me a lot of answers and new knowledge and experience to bring to my lovely visitors.  Releasing the tension and moving further into deep connected pleasure and in a world where every single person has been affected by covid and contracted in their body. This is the perfect time to bring this in. 

To say I am excited is an understatement I simply cannot wait to embark on such an exciting and worthwhile challenge and bring into my sessions even more intensity and more pleasure. Yes please to more pleasure that turns me on. The course is online then in person with two retreats and I have two years to complete it although I aim to complete it by October as I have been invited to co facilitate on delivering a training at the end of the year. 

The other big course I am doing is my leadership and motivational coach training which I am doing as I am co facilitating on a number of events in the summer which I am very excited about. 

All in all, its going to be a busy year and I am really looking forward to the laughter and the tears and have an intention to bring greater experiences to my visitors and make my sessions something really worthwhile.  It is my new years resolution to offer men who want to learn and this is key a willingness to learn, a greater capacity to discovering how to pleasure a woman through my ‘how to please a woman’, offering for which I know some of you are keen to explore.  I will write a blog about the sessions I had before my Christmas break in the next day or so… Link to offering is here -  https://kristina-j.com/blog/article/how-to-pleasure-a-woman

So let’s have some fun and lets loose ourselves in a world far away from the stresses of everyday life as we leave that at the door and enter the world of delicious bliss that you will find in my boudoir..

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort xx