Loving the Penis by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Loving the Penis

Hi Guys and Gals (American slang) hope you are looking after each other and staying safe but enjoying yourselves as well.

If Penisis or is it Pini  Could talk (can you imagine)  women would not ever have to wonder about what feels good to the penis, how long to stroke it or how hard they can squeeze but pinks is do not talk and frequently neither do the guys they are attached to so a cycle of silence and ignorance often gets perpetrated. With women just fumbling around down there or simply avoiding the general area as much as possible.

Silence ignorance fumbling and avoidance do not belong in bed with a bad girl a bad girl takes as much interest int penis as she does in her own vagina, Why  because she likes it in fact she loves it it is interesting to her beautiful and exciting  because she lives her partners penis she makes it her business to. Learn as much as she possibly can about it.

A bad girl is a  penis specialist we know more than the average woman, lots more she the bad girl ME  never get tired f playing with the. Penis and she never gets tired of adding to her repertoire of penis pleasing moves so grab the guy tell him you in need of some serious adult  education classes that you just do not find at the local sixth  form college and get ready to know a good friend.

Life is a lot like a penis simple soft straight relaxed and hanging freely then a woman makes it hard

Kristina J:   It’s not the size its what you do with it, lets just do it xx