Lucky First Footing by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Lucky First Footing


Hi  everyone,  I would like to wish you a happy hopeful healthy New Year for all.

I do not know if anyone has heard of First footing it is something you only do at New Years Eve I believe its a North East  thing.  

I have a weird friend from Newcastle and she swears this brings her luck if done properly.  She went out with her girlies New Years Eve  placing the piece of coal outside her front door  The first man after Midnight to enter the house bringing in good luck  is  the first-footer  a dark-haired male (I like the sound of that) who arrives bearing a coin, lump of coal, piece of bread and a drink (which would be whisky, in an ideal world). These items are said to represent financial prosperity, warmth, food and good cheer.  My friend only does the coal as she is usually drunk anyway from drinking too much Whiskey, she would not mind the coins but she had already spent her money on the Whiskey!!  And you know what you can do with a piece of old stale bread, she said,  she would rather eat shit, I could arrange that but I am sure then she would beg for the piece of stale bread. 

My lovely Geordie friend rang me New Year’s Day telling me a tall dark handsome stranger (she thought) who was drop dead gorgeous (she thought) rang her doorbell after midnight and brought in the lucky piece of coal, all fine so far, she proceeded to put on her sexy act and ended up in (you know where) bed. 

When she awoke the next day the Gorgeous (she thought) First footer who looked like George Clooney the night before was a dead ringer for George Formby she had to get him out quick before her real boyfriend arrived.  One problem on her mind where had the boyfriend been all night??? when he arrived covered in lipstick and no trousers!! His underwear was in a bit of a state as well as him!! He is now the Ex boyfriend and she does not do First Footing anymore!!! 

Kristina J.  I Will never be first footing Sorry only a picture of the Whiskey she was a bit worried where the piece of coal ended up (any ideas) xxx