Multiorgasmic Men by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Multiorgasmic Men

Exploring the phenomenon of multiple orgasm for men.

I have been pondering this blog for a few days and this is probably one of the most intense, information filled blogs I have ever written. Recently I had the subject of non ejaculatory orgasms for men come up with a Client I have been working with over the past 10 weeks or so on building capacity for pleasure. One day out of the blue he sent me an email to tell me about the start of non ejaculatory orgasm as it was a new experience and he was not quite sure exactly what had happened.. I suddenly came to the realisation that it’s something I have not covered in my blog in much detail so here goes.

I am writing from my own knowledge, and my experience of how this phenomenon is possible with a view to giving an explanation and insight into the very real possibilities. I will also share words taken from an email he sent me outlining some of the things that have come up for him during lock down, which I do have permission to share.

I am going to try not to get too much into the science, but more give an explanation of multiple orgasms for men. So to start off I an going to dispel the myth that orgasam an ejaculation in men are the same thing. The fact of the matter is that orgasms and ejaculation are two separate entities with the orgasm coming first which will then trigger the ejaculation

An interesting fact, according to research from the Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia in Canada, only around 10 percent of men in their 20s and less than 7 percent of men under 30 are considered multiorgasmic.

There have times in session when I have seen orgasm and ejaculation separate which brings intense pleasure for the recipient. What I am taking about is taking it one step further, let me explain.

There a common thought and illusion that sexuality lives in an isolated box in our genitals but in reality and with some practice I have come to learn that our entire bodies are sexual organs and we as humans are sexual beings. Just thinking about the concept of multiple orgasm for men and the extended intense pleasure this can bring what thoughts come into your head? Joy, ecstasy, orgasmic bliss, being able to last longer, uncertainly, fear of the unknown, fear of being seen in so much pleasure, how is that possible, does that even exist, is it hard work, does it take a lot of time and practice to master? These are just a few things I can think of that initially spring to mind and I sure you will have your own thoughts I would be interested in hearing them. Let’s think also about ejaculation when you don’t want it such as premature ejaculation and think about what comes up there. In my experience I have seen self doubt, fear of failure, anxiety and shame to name few. Any of what I am talking about can be used to help with premature ejaculation. I just want to make the point as this has come up so much that visiting an myself or an escort for a one off visit with the idea that you will go away fixed from premature ejaculation won’t work, nor will just coming to see me or anyone else with aim to reaching the peaks of multiple male orgasms wont work. It is a process and it needs work just like when you go to the gym you don’t just rock up once have one session with a personal trainer and all of a sudden you are fit, the benefits come through work.

Men have two different sexual response systems the first being ejaculatory focused which stems from a biological desire release tension when there is build up of pressure or sexual tension. I have seen in some people where this becomes a need. As soon as the ejaculatory orgasm has occurred the pressure is lifted and your body says ah success now I can go do the things I need to do without the being distracted by this sexual charge and pressure that’s temporarily taken over my life. I am now free of this build up I can go eat, sleep and relax, chill out. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I would guess that it will sound familiar to a lot of people reading this. I just want ot make the point that there is nothing wrong with this and this is perfectly natural sexual behaviour what I do want to do is explain the alternative sexual response system and bring in the possibility of imagine having a choice of being able to choose to go int one or the other.

So moving on to a sexual response system based on pleasure, and some of you who have had sessions in the past may have had a glimpse of this and may just resonate with a few things that I am saying.

The second system is more focused on pleasure without the same sexual charge and build up that needs an instant release but there can still be full arousal. So how do I achieve that I hear you ask. Well one of the first things to do acknowledge there is a different reality that is possible and understand that multiple orgasms in men are possible. I could go into the science here but I won’t but if anyone has any questions I am always open to hearing them. To gain an understanding that deeper pleasure is possible not just peak orgasms but waves and waves of pleasure that go up and up much like female orgasms are possible for men. Females have the capacity to build up pleasure through peaks and waves that build up instead of the first male sexual response system that goes up to peak and then a sudden drop. So to move away and open your mind, if you are into exploring your own erotic pleasure to realising there is something else is the first step on your journey to multiple orgasms for men. I won’t lie to you getting to this response system takes a lot of practice but then so does getting fit and going to the gym. It also involves intense reprogramming of typical male sexual release system for most people.

Just think about the ways that men and women typically get off and our conditioning and sexual programming around sexuality, and the things that influence our sexual behaviours. Porn being the most common, and then what about our friends who have guess what? You got it watched porn, Movies, TV shows, music videos, magazines, adverts and our own masturbation habits to name a few.

Just take a minute to think about your own masturbation habit. Most men I know stand, sit or lie still and the hands goes back and forwards on the cock, not much of the body is integrated, you may even be watching por, or thinking of some thing else, how long is this going to take? What’s for tea? Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with this again it perfectly normal but imagine if you could fuly dive and embrace more pleasure in this experience.

In order to embrace the missed opportunities it’s almost like a shift from quick fix masturbation that most people are used to, to rethinking about how to approach real pleasure and move to self pleasure practices and reprogramming the body that sex is more than just a few minutes. In order to do this we need to rasie our capacity for pleasure in our body as we have evolved to become shut down to pleasure and therefore we have reduced our ability to tolerate high levels of pleasure without the need for release. Move the focus from a few seconds of pleasure to full body pleasure.

So with that comes the question how long does it take to master this, well like I said its not a quick fix and there is no one answer as everyone is different but from my past experience with the right intention and someone who is willing to do the work and practice then maybe around 6 or 7 weeks. It depends on an individual ability to show up fully in a sexual pleasure experience and the key to unlock the door is one simple thing, breathing. Breathing I hear you ask well I do that all that them time, this is not just breathing to stay alive this is changing the amount of breath in your body to actually feel, which is why so many of you in session with me will have been coached on breath work and encouraged to breathe more. Do the words the more you breathe the more you feel ring a bell? Sexual breathwork is in itself a while practice that I have spent a lot of time studying and training in, in order to be able to understand this more. Also sound is an important factor as to release sound in sexual arousal is a great way to ground and help you discharge your pleasure through your body and on top of this the sound of sexual arousal is a turn in fact it is not just a turn on, it’s a major turn on for many. Now I understand that been seen in sexual arousal for some is a terrifying prospect and I just want to name that for anyone reading this and put it out there but also to issue the reassurance that I do understand. So the challenge is to show up in full presence and develop and experience the power of breath work.

So let’s talk about how the orgasm feels when a man goes into a multi orgasmic state and learns to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Some people have the idea that multiple orgasms are the same genital contracting orgasms in your cock and balls multiple times, well that not what this is about. It’s a different kind of orgasm and you don’t have the involuntary pulsations like and ejaculatory orgasm but it comes on in waves of pleasure that sweep over the body over and over again and build higher and higher intensity. I have heard men say that once they have mastered this technique the multiple orgasms and arousal can last a long time and feels one hundred times better than a normal ejaculatory orgasm. It could be said this is a tantric practice but I won’t go into that now that a whole other blog. What I will say is it is multiple orgasms in men is not a spiritual practice and you don’t have to envisage rays of light and wear white clothes to get there. It’s a body focused experience, I feel to be clear for anyone thinking it’s a spiritual experience and wanted to dispel that myth.

So how do you know when you are moving towards multiple orgasms for men. One of the first signs is a build up of sexual energy into your body away from your genitals and I know so many of you who have had a session with me will resonate with this. It’s a sense of tingles maybe in your hands, maybe in your chest, maybe down the spine or legs or even feet. It’s that feeling just a little bit more in your body. One of the things I am trained to do is move the energy through your body which I do through breath work and knowing where to touch and how energy moves through the body, this is again another blog on its own. There are also a whole list of tips of how to manage yourself when you are getting close to ejaculatory orgasm which I bring into my session and give tips on for those that I am working with to get to develop this sexual skill.

I want to finish to off with a few thoughts ad a sharing from an email form a client I have been working with as we move towards this.

Firstly I want to acknowledge that to not ejaculate for a lot of people can be dangerous so I am not advocating moving to non ejaculatory state permanently that would be an incorrect assumption. What I am advocating is through learning this technique you can be in choice and also last longer when engaging in sexual liaisons. I will say it again just to be clear, an hour session with me for anyone who has premature ejaculation won’t fix your issues, bit I can guide you in the right direction and with work it is achievable.

Secondly people come to me for forced multiple orgasms this is something different and there in no such thing as real a forced multiple orgasms. In order to have proper multiple orgasms you need to increase your own capacity for pleasure in your body. I have seen people ejaculate several times over this is a domination game and usually involves going through intense pain and sensitivity and is another blog. What I am taking about here is way removed from forced multiple orgasms in a tie and tease, domination scenario. I am taking about here pleasure.

And finally finish an abstract from my very valued clients email detailing his experience over the last few weeks on his journey of self discovery.

‘One of the reasons I see someone like Kristina is to ensure I do not grow emotional attachments which would adversely affect my daily life. I have come to realise that, as I have been seeing Kristina over a number of years and our experiences become wider and more extreme.

Being in contact with Kristina on a weekly basis has allowed me to let her lead me into areas of thinking and experiences that I would not have had the time for. It is allowing me to explore hidden parts of me and help pull them out so that I can say yes I like that or no I don’t want that part of me to surface any more. It has shown me the foundations of successful and happy and rewarding relationships on a level that I had not even thought about or considered.

Experiences I have never had before have flowed and my pleasure has increased accordingly.

I know there is more to come over time and I am thankful for the opportunity to further develop myself and understand a large part of me that I did not consciously know existed. Life is looking good - optimist that I am!’

Thank you for taking the time to read this I know its along blog but its a missive subject and I hope you have gained an insight into this.

As always I welcome your comments, questions and feedback and more so I look forward to a time in the not too distant future when I would be delighted to help those of you who wish to explore this explore more.

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort, Sensual Seductress and Erotic Explorer.