Mutual Trust and respect by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Mutual Trust and respect

Developing mutual trust and respect which means amazing meetings…

Hello lovely readers…

A few thought son trust and respect and recognition that is flows both ways….

In this industry I feel that Trust and Respect are key to a successful meeting – The last thing I want to do is meet with someone who calls up and can just about manage the words – “wanna fuck meet now”. Or even worse the text which says – I wanna see you now, or even the most recent text which just said “PRICES’. I ask the question would you walk into a shop and just yell prices or would you take the time to browse and look at watts on offer.

Sorry guys it does not do it for me. I expect manners and courtesy and in return you will be shown manners, courtesy and respect. If you cannot conduct yourself in an appropriate manner on the phone I have no confidence you will be able to conduct yourself appropriately face to face. I would expect the same to work vice a versa also. Also if you have no respect for my boundaries on the phone I am in no way going to enter into an intimate situation with someone who has no concept of boundaries.

Keep bringing it up but boundaries are so important, these can be physical and also verbal boundaries. So while I will ask non-descript questions and chat I don’t ask personal question, however if you choose to volunteer personal information I will respect this. I always enjoy the closeness of a meeting even on the very first meeting, I enjoy getting to know you sexually, I like to engage in conversation about your likes and preferences in the bedroom and your general interests. I have no wish to delve into your private life or make any judgments. I will however listen with confidence to anything which is said in conversation.

I believe the meeting is as much about good communications in the run up to and during the meeting as much as it is about good sexually activities.. Although I don’t ask any personal questions from you, I don’t have any strictly off limit topics myself. I have a private life yes. I am very open about what I do so I will chat about my private life and what I get up to. I like to chat as I feel it helps to build up a good relationship. I will also ask any questions you may feel to ask.

As much as I like to chat about what I do and my personal life I do establish ground rules when talking to my clients, some clients I find very open and some very private both is ok with me and both will be afforded the same level of respect. I don’t wish to be insensitive in any way or intrusive or come across as been disinterested in my partner but I do have topics I try to avoid in the interest of discretion towards my companion, unless my companion brings up these subjects I will continue to avoid questions around my companions private life.

Topics I try to avoid

I don’t ask about my Clients relationships outside of our meeting because to be honest it is none on my business

I never ask how many other ladies my companion sees or engage in any form of conversation about any other ladies in the industry. Again it is none of my damn business and I would hate to think of my companion talking about me with other ladies.

I will talk generally about the industry but I won’t discuss individuals. I never ask about my companions background in much detail not through a lack of interest but more of a desire to remain discreet. If a companion volunteers information I am happy to chat but I do not ask personal questions or push to reveal information which is private.

Some of these ground rules may appear obvious, making conversation and showing a genuine interest in my companion and his or her likes and dislikes is one thing but been nosey and downright rude is another…

There is a very fine line to be drawn even more so if I meet regular with someone. While I have a strong desire to build a healthy positive and professional relationship I would not want my companion to think I was disinterested because I did not ask anything. I will stick to conversations I know are ok and chat generally which I really do enjoy especially as we get to know each other…. I feel there is a need for privacy and more so mutual respect. I have no wish to discuss anything that is not relative to the meeting or a professional relationship.

I have a strong belief in trust and feel that trust can be built up over time I also pride myself on my integrity, honesty and discretion. These are values I hold very close to me and I am fiercely protective about. If a companion chooses to reveal details over time then I feel honoured to be privy to the information but at no point will I ever pressure anyone into revealing anything they have no wish to. For me if something comes up in conversation or a companion reveals private information as the relationship grows and the natural progression of a friendship develops this is ok with me but I reaffirm that my confidence and integrity remain intact.

I understand that some of my visitors are nervous or shy, it may be their first time. My only concern is to reassure my companion and put them ease allowing them to get the very best positive experience possible. In summary I feel that there should be good communications, clear boundaries and mutual respect coupled with discretion and integrity for both of us to enjoy our special time together without the need to worry about any comebacks in the future.

So lets make the very most of our wonderful time together.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort