My crazy house move by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

My crazy house move

I am just about settled into my new place now, just a few bits more to do and some running around to do.My boudoir is looking fantastic and cannot wait to welcome you.

I arrived back very early on Sunday morning from my holiday in Egypt which feels oh so far away now.Fortunately I have a couple of really good friends who I left packing my stuff while I tanned myself on the beach.It was not quite like that but they are very good friends and have been very supportive. So I crawl into bed about 3am knackered after travelling, knowing the removals will be arriving at 8.30am the next day. There I am enjoying my peace and quiet and warm bed when what can only be described as a thunder storm banging on my door, waking me up. I’m thinking Jesus where’s the fire stumbles down the stairs to see my best mate standing there with a friend saying how much I had been missed and its such a shame I could not come out to celebrate their 40th Birthday so they had come to me. Its 6am in the bleeding morning!!!

I have been travelling and had 2 hours sleep and you want me to party. So I stick the kettle on - that's really hitting it hard lol - but after all the travelling and lack of sleep its about all I can manage!! We sit and chat and have a giggle, till my removal men turn up. My mates then decide they will move with me – they are still partying. So all my stuff gets loaded up with the help of some very hung over people now and off we trundle to my new place, where the party continues as the removal guys unload. God knows what they thought, more to the point god knows what my new neighbours thought!! Eventually late afternoon it must have hit my mates as they fell asleep on my sofa. Peace at last – that lasted about 5 minutes till my other friends came round to help me unpack and stayed till Tuesday evening!!!

I am now enjoying the peace and quiet for a little while and getting my room and flat to a welcoming state, well I cannot have you falling over boxes can I!! Maybe there is someone out there with a fetish for cardboard boxes and moving house??? I have come across everything else before.

My room will be completed when I come back from Bristol as I still have a few things down there to collect such as my Violet wand, tens machine, St Andrews Cross and Cage – I like to be deviant sometimes.

Looking forward to seeing you any way

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx