My swinging adventures by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

My swinging adventures

Many years ago before I got seriously into escorting I was in the swinging scene here’s some adventures from that time. I am no longer in that scene but have many stories which I will share some while in lockdown

Swinging a dangerous game of hedonistic fun and crazy adventures followed by heartbreaking losses.

I am going to write few stories about my swinging days and some of the crazy adventures I got up to which lasted about 10 years, although I did not play in the last few years I just organised the parties and events..

Lets me go back to own I first stumbled across swinging and it was literally that I just tripped over it on a trip to Paris.

At the time I was with a partner the one that turned verbally abusive in the end but it was not all bad times there we’re some pretty wild times and it is these times that taught me some of the my sexual confidence but I only wish I knew back then what I know now and things could have been even better than they were.

My partner at the time I will call B, I had met him while working on the music festival circuit one summer at a small event I was at. He was a sound engineer and a larger than life character, after sending some crazy weekends together we decided to head to Paris for a weekend as the Killers were playing there. Just a normal weekend in Paris I thought, how wrong could I be that weekend was the catalyst that changed my life.

It turns out we were staying in a hotel just a few doors down from a swingers club called Quay 17, in the suburbs of Paris and somehow he had discovered this while browsing places near us. Calling me over he said hey look there’s a swingers club only a few doors down do you want to go? In my innocence and yes once upon a time I was innocent I replied ‘whats a swingers club?’ Anyway after he explained it was a club for libertines and where people meet for sex I looked at him confused and said I am not sure why want to go? After much taking I began to understand the tis was a sex club. My initial was response was I don’t want to go because I don’t know what happens and I am nervous, apprehensive and scared. This came out in the words - I don’t have anything to wear. HIs response was you don’t have to wear anything, and we can always go buy you a dress. Persuaded with the promise of a new dress I tentatively decided to give it go.

Later on that evening I am dressed make up done sat in the hotel room with a glass of champagne thinking what the fuck am I doing. I was so unsure, don’t know what to expect, don’t know how I will feel, unsure of the unknown all the usual emotions that people now feel when they come and see me now. His words were we can always come away if you don’t like it but if we don’t go we will never now. Slipping on my high heeled shoes and gulping down the rest of the champagne I made my way out the door.

Ten minutes later were are arriving at the club the first thing that took my was how stylish it was, plush rich velvet cushions and dark rooms. Walking into the main bar area people smiled at me and looking adoring at me, I was taken aback almost looking over my shoulder to see if they were looking at me or someone behind me. A couple came up and started talking French I just smiled and nodded fortunately my partner could speak French so all I had to do was look sexy… Paying for our drinks which cost a staggering 20 Euro each we made our way around the club. I will never forget the beautiful decked out rooms and seeing people embraced in steamy erotic situations swapping and lots of action. I was scared but not curious and been a lover of erotic seeing everyone dressed so exile was a turn on for me.. For the majority of the night we just watched I was in awe of the sexual freedom these people were experiencing and after much wiggling my arse on the dance floor and a few drinks we decided to jump in the deep end.

Heading to a little room my partner and I started to play we were soon joined by two lovely French men who came into the room all of a sudden I had three guys to myself. Laid on the floor being caressed by there guys was highly arousing I felt spoilt and turned on at the same time. I could feel there hands all over over my breasts, on my pussy and was aware of their desires and how my body was tuning them on… That n turn turned me on and while I was enjoying taking each of them in mouth I turn I was also noticing how increasing turned on everyone was becoming. The atmosphere in the room was electric and I could feel pussy pulsing with desire and hedonistic pleasure as I allowed myself experience the moment. I felt one of the other guys run his fingers up my lags and he started to lay with pussy caressing it, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter and feeling I needed a cock inside me, I said to my partner I wanted him to watch me as this other guy fucked me. He agreed and then slowly the other guys pulled my wet pants aside and slid his hard cock inside me… I was so turned on I came almost immediately feeling him inside me and knowing my partner was watching me was just too much for me to bear at the time. I felt content with our liaison and feeling the need for drink headed back out thanking the guys with a peck on the cheek.

In that club there was also a dark room where you can play in the mystery of not knowing who you are playing with so we headed there next to explore what may happened there. I would it really exciting and huge turn on hearing my partner with another woman and just getting a sense he was with someone else but not knowing who.

We had a blast in face such a blast we headed back to Paris the weekend after and for the next few years became regular visitors to Quay 17 and Overside in Paris along with some of the UK clubs.

All that from not being sure and making up excuses such I don’t have a dress to actually embracing the experience and finding something that I loved. I went for that to what must have been the highlight of my swinging experience of organising a party for 100 people in London compare with strippers and performance artists that was one of the best parties I have ever been to.

The swinging scene is where I learnt a lot to do with one sexual relationship and erotic play. My curious mind went on to learn about sexuality and the theories that underpin sexuality so couple my learning with my experience and bingo that’s where the magic happens.

I stopped playing in the swinging scene about 7 years ago but still liked to go for the party and the fun and laughter.. I suddenly became the girl everyone wanted to play with but no one could get near, that was fun to play out. A group of us decided to organise our own events and one night sat on the floor of a club we came up with a great idea that ran for a few years. With a lot of help from some naughty friends and we had some crazy adventures some of which I will share over the next few weeks.

It has not come without its down side I lost a very dear friend a few years back in very untimely and unfortunate circumstances. I also came to realise the more I learnt that I wanted to focus on being connected and conscious in sexuality rather than out of control alcohol fulled rampages. I stepped away completely about 2 years ago following a range of consent issues which I had witnessed and they did not sit well with me. I wanted to focus on developing safe, sane and consensual play with like minded people and creating safe places for others to explore.

I am though grateful for my experiences and the fun I have had over the years from the most bizarre Christmas that saw a group of us party for ten days solid to some poor soul accidentally handcuffed to a dance pole naked in a club only to find my friend had left the keys at home, he was stuck there all night to the night. To one house party when there was about seventy of us in house and there was a fire you can imagine what the fire brigade thought when they arrived to half naked people stood in the drive I think the fire men got of lightly…

Its my experiences that frame me as a person and allow me to pass on to you my knowld=edge experience and skills and a few funny sores along the way.

Stay safe and thank you for reading my blogs I really do appreciate it..

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort