Naughty things by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Naughty things

Every woman whether Escort or not loves getting down and dirty behind closed doors we want to be porn stars and get freaky in the bedroom or any room. By now you should know that we women have some pretty crazy sexual fantasies and you should also know that we are far more adventurous than men will EVER be.

ut what you might not know is that women Escorts or not, REALLY WANT men to do some rather naughty things Over the years I’ve asked countless women what they like and I’m never surprised to see the same kind of things coming up. We are just raging sexual beasts on the inside.


It’s often been said that pain and pleasure are very similar, with only the finest of lines coming between them. So the next time you’re pushing from the back doggy style, make sure you pull hour hair. Don’t be too aggressive, only pulling slightly so the head tilts backwards Hair pulling is quite common, so you don’t need to ask permission, just grab it pull it and wait for the reaction. If it’s a positive one, then keep doing it.

Naughty ANAL SEX

Yes the dirt track. More and more women are wanting to try anal sex out these days. The best way to introduce it, is by talking about doing it BEFORE you actually start having sex. Don’t ask her half way through (this is awkward) and never ever just try and slip it in and say whoops sorry, wrong hole (bad idea).


Sometimes it’s nice to treat your lady like a princess and do anything we want in the bedroom, just to please her. This is why selfish oral sex is another hit with the ladies. Make sure you’re oral skills are up to scratch, because you’ll be down there for a while. but don’t worry if you do it right, she’ll repay the favour, big time!

There are many more naughty things too many to mention just enjoy and be naughty xxxx

Meanings of Naughty Sexual acts, usually used playfully.

A way of describing something in way that shouldn't be good, and yet somehow is.

An adjective that describes a bad girl who needs to be punished (usually by fucking her), or a lady who wears tight, revealing clothing.

Alex has been a Naughty boy and as a result he needs to be punished. Bring on the sex toys and take off the clothes and lets do naughty things to him .