New report on WYSG by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

New report on WYSG

Thank you for my recent WYSG report here is the direct link -

An elegant and sexy lady, blonde with a lovely physique ideal for her 6 foot frame £ 160 for 90 minutes

“Wow what a shocking time!a very skilled lady indeed”

French kissing with tongues Oral without Reverse Oral

This was my second visit to KJ, the first a few months ago, that was basically a very enjoyable GFE with an introduction to her violet wand. This one was where that meeting finished. It was going to be a tie and tease session with a taster of some of her very many toys… they are all catalogued on her Adultwork site.

Communications were reliable and had been as usual both friendly and funny, so the day and time arranged - I'd booked in advance so that advanced booking saving paid for most of my train fare to Huddersfield.

'chains and leather straps wound around my cock and then "whipped " away would be the best way to describe it … sensual rather than painful. '

So tie and tease with Kristina! My welcoming snog with trademark deep French kissing soon turned into a KJ blow job, then her black dress unzipped and our clothes were soon shed and so on to the bed.

I was bound hands and legs to the four corners of the bed, she brought out what we had talked about … her electrical stimulation box of tricks .. Estim cock rings were fitted .. one was too small …wow but I was soon brought back down to earth as two were too large! Just like Goldilocks we found two which were just right.

One ring was fitted at the base of my cock the other on the shaft near the bell end as well as some lube … wires connected .. power switched on. Oh yes, very pleasant sensations, power increased real pulses of energy flooding through my vibrating and twitching cock …surges of pleasure.

Then KJ straddles me … as this was hands free after all, well for her and she starts to suck my cock end. Sliding back down towards me and so its 69 with the estim cock rings buzzing away. Her mouth is just on my bell end. Her pussy is there available I'm tonguing and sucking as if my life depends on it .. it probably does.Then the tease she moves out of distance - remember I'm strung up arms and legs tied to the bed end. Her mouth stays put though. She does come back within range - but the tease it still there, as the power can be increased!!!

When KJ dismounts to adjust the settings I see my cock engorged and bouncing and twitching. A setting of mid 20's for me after that it can start to be painful, so we rarely ventured above that settling. The machine setting go to 100!!! Good God.

Offers of kisses come into view only to fade, it was a nice tease, I asked for some water, it also nears my mouth only to disappear from view, then Kristina appears with my mouth full of water in her mouth and squirts in from her mouth to mine, twice as it happens as it was thirsty work. It was all very stimulating.

Next the violet wand comes out from its box. Well at least I knew what to expect here, the sparking static charges are mesmerising. Various attachments were used, the probe, the comb and of course KJ's tongue. It really is fascinating to see the fireworks of charges across your chest, across KJ tits, down your legs onto you balls and then your knob end. No real pain just awe, then the charge can go through KJ and the tip of her tongue has the arc of static as my balls on my bell end come into range.

So the cock rings still on are pulsing, the static charges arcing - yes this was a first!

After the electrical show it was thin chains and leather straps wound around my cock and then "whipped " away would be the best way to describe it … sensual rather than painful.

I liked the pinwheel found that very exhilarating as KJ used it softly on me - it was an interesting sensation.

Other things tried and hot stones for example and other fabrics as ticklers and what looked like a garden trowel and a washing up mop …I was assured they weren't.

Some things worked well others didn't - it's all about personal choice and that was the idea .. a taster.

'Yes there are certainly at least 50 shades to Kristina. '

We finished in GFE manner, beginning with me fingering KJ's pussy, pushing a finger into her bum, she being her usual playful self as well. The only real downer happened now as I failed to use her Hitachi wand properly on her – asking a guy to multitask now of all time!! Yes I need more practice. Still it was an amusing moment, then it was cover sex in a few positions but especially in doggie, as I sped to a finish.

I had an excellent time, it was so different for me and those 90 minutes in fact went very quickly but in that time my mind was opened by KJ as well as my eyes - now I know what I like - I'll be back and there are still other things to try and probably enjoy.

Yes there are certainly at least 50 shades to Kristina.

She knows what she can do and she does it oh so very well, her experience, her timing, the way she focuses on you - the sheer variety of experiences were very good indeed.

I just had to share this because it made me laugh out loud - loved it xx

Kristina_J of Huddersfield