Not Normal but Nice! by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Not Normal but Nice!

Hi you naughty boys as most of you know I love being a naughty lady and believe me you know I can be naughty come visit and find out. But stay safe.

Kinky the state of mind which one has sexual urges which are not of the normal shaggity kind. Not just whipped cream and cherries, although food fetishists will disagree! red bras have almost no part to play, unless it’s ordered that you wear one.

Anything that goes against the norm of sex – so oral, anal, masturbation  aren’t kinky . think handcuffs, blindfolds, rope, leather, chains, spreader bars and anything that would shock the vicar and go from there.

  • whips
  • gag balls
  • bend over bitch
  • whip cream
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • hand cuffs
  • black or red nighties
  • paddles
  • PAIN!

  Damn bitch you is kinky  

 Pee in mouth, tie to the bedpost shoulder biting, erotic and unusual sex. Or rather, “kinky” is usually used as an adjective, usually describing a pronoun. (Oh get me). A kink is an unusual fetish, such as the use of obscure objects during sexual intercourse. You know what they are!!

 Erotic is using a feather, kinky is using the whole chicken.

Kristina J  Its only kinky if you make it kinky being kinky makes life a lot more fun xx