NURU what is it by Kristina J by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

NURU what is it by Kristina J

NURU what is it and why I am using my own blend of even better beautiful oils….

I know a lot of people use the word NURU to describe a body to body massage and after many conversations with different people decided to write this piece about NURU and the also the difference between NURU and Tantric Massage.

NURU is actually a brand name of a product not a type of massage the word NURU comes from a Japanese erotic massage technique… The word originates from the Japanese language and means ” slippery / smooth. So its about a slippers erotic massage using body to body more than hands.

I have had a few issues with the NURU product in that it goes very cold and sticky after 30 minutes and also the receiver needs to lay on a cold PVC sheet which is not really a nice feeling unless you have a fetish for cold and PVC that is. To be perfectly honest I don’t like the product but I love the massage. This is one of the reasons why when I have being speaking about NURU massage I have asked the question, what attracts you to NURU massage?

I have found that everyone I have asked has said it is about the body to body to body contact and experience of feeling that close contact.

To combat the problems of the product going cold and sticky I have created my own oil, of which the feedback from people who j=have had NURU massage have said they prefer my version of the oil.

So what is it I hear you ask? Well it two natural oils mixed together and heated up, it is a thick consistency that is slighty sticky but it does not dry into a cold sticky liquid. In my opinion it is liquid silk and pure deliciousness and divineness rolled into one. It is sensual. Much more sensual than the original NURU product and our bodies glide together like they were made for each other with no stickiness. It is a not a water based product so no cold PVC sheet requited just a cotton sheet over the bed.

Using this beautiful blend of natural oils it can be heated to a high temperature so it is delightfully warm when it is rubbed on your skin and when it is rubbed between our skin it is pure heaven as my body slides over you.

Being trained in Tantric body to body massage I use some of the techniques I learnt from that but take out the energy work, this means I use every bit of my body to massage you, from my arms, shoulders, breasts, legs, knees, pussy, bum it all get rubbed over you.

I have also being asked the difference between tantric massage and NURU massage and the simple answer is the intention of the massage. In Tantric it is all about raising and sublimating the sexual energy and using my sexual energy to raise your sexual energy in order to reach a deeper place of sexual realisation and experiencing the energy flow within yourself which to me is sensational in its self. But not lets get the two muddled up because then it becomes confusing. NURU is about experiencing the sensuality and eroticism of another body against yours, it is relaxing yet stimulating the same time, this is similar to Tantric in a way the more you relax and open up the more you feel.

For those that want to delve a little deeper there is the option on both NURU and Tantric massage to use some breathing techniques which will help take you even further. Imagine as you come up to orgasm not actually having the orgasm and latterly going over the hill and down the other side and being able to start again. This is an option that is great fun to play with for those that wish to play with it and explore I am more than happy to take you through a breathing pattern that will open that option of you.

As with Tantric I give you the option of how you would like to conclude the session in regards to sexually where you want to be, it could be oral, it could be more intimate than that you may want to move in to a delightful entangled Girlfriend Experience. The choice is your to explore what you want and that’s the key to everything I do its about you being in choice about what you want to experience and explore and I simply open the doors and make it happen.

So here is the invitation to explore this delicious combination of sensuality, hot beautiful oil, deep relaxation, enhanced arousal and some quality and beautiful intimacy together.

Kisses Kristina J – Yorkshire Escort xx