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Pants on or off?

Pants on or off? by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Pants on or off?

Technology for your arse. The original Cock Block Pants: Those things covering your lower extremities, that are always chafing and uncomfortable. It’s probably best to remove them. Trousers, an outer garment covering the body and each leg from waist to ankle. Until the late 20th century traditionally a male garment.

Pants: Slang. Not good; total crap; nonsense; rubbish; bad. Not good, not up to the task, not true. Originally schoolboy slang expression: a pile of pants, presumably the equivalent of dirty, smelly washing.

John: these pants are constricting! Good thing it’s Pantless Day in the office! Freedom for the pasty flesh

Underpants thats another story.

To pull down someone’s pants (trousers). Can be done to either males or females by either males or females, also overpower someone and remove his trousers by force as a humiliation. Equivalent to the British debag. Usually only done to males as removal of the pants, the traditional male garment, is a symbolic emasculation. Pantsing in this sense may be used as an initiation rite, a punishment, or just done for fun. See also depants !

To breathe rapidly and heavily, especially after engaging in strenuous activity such as exercise or sex i.e reverse cow girl, whoever thought of that one!!

Home is being able to dance around without pants on and be comfortable

Kristina J all good with or without pants xxx