Part 3 of a series of writings by a ‘special friend’. A lesson to be learnt. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Part 3 of a series of writings by a ‘special friend’. A lesson to be learnt.

A lesson to be learnt, keeping BDSM play safe......

Ok so the chin shadow is still a bit visible but it will have to do. Finishing my make up means that I can now put on my wig to go out to see my Mistress. But which wig? I think the white blonde one that I bought at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar last weekend. That looks good with the make up and how I feel. That is important as some days I feel dark and others light and I like to feel good and sexy inside myself. It gives me confidence and I will need it today.

Driving into town to the house/dungeon I am a little nervous and take a viagra to ensure that I will be up to having sex with my Mistresses TV. It will be the first time for her and it has taken a while for her to accept me as the one to take her virginity. I feel good about myself because of the trust.

I arrive in town and park up on an adjacent road. The short walk still gets my adrenaline going even after doing it a few times now. I have stopped looking at other people to gauge their reaction and just walk with my head held high and looking ahead to my goal. I enter the house and have a chat with Mistress about what she demands of me. She is not cruel but enjoys making me crave the pain and subsequent pleasure but today will be different.

First it is down to the dungeon and removal of my outer clothes leaving me in bra, special thong, stockings and heels. We start with a little warm up of spanking and caning. I am really beginning to like the feel of the cane or crop on my bum as it feels so good to move through the pain to the pleasure and the almost burning sensation I get which I know I will be able to relive later when I sit down. It further excites me and my cock responds accordingly. I hope that it will be this way when it is time to take the TV’s ass. Nipple clamps are attached to me and this really turns me on. I love my nipples played with and the harder the better - I am sure there is a direct link between them and my cock which is now really hard and struggling to get out of my thong.

I am told to go to the St Andrews Cross where Mistress cuffs my wrists and ankles to the wood. A belt around my middle gives me support as I am still in heels. Mistress is now going to put needles through my nipples for the first time and because she knows I am a little afraid of this she encourages me with a fresh bottle of poppers. I now feel light headed and she starts to press the needle through my right nipple. This is painful, more than I had imagined but she gets it through. She says how do you feel and I say it is still painful so she asks if I want it removed and I say yes. As the needle leaves my body I feel more pain and then nothing.

I have now passed out and am hanging on the Cross - it is a good job I have the belt round me. Mistress cannot get me down on her own and calls for her TV to help. They get me down and onto the floor but they are concerned with the way I am. I can feel myself cold and shivering when I come round but then quickly pass out again. Eventually I come out of it but feel drained and cold and still shivering. Apparently my bowels emptied themselves and my new wig is now ruined. All I can say is I am sorry for the mess but both of them are just pleased that I am going to be ok. They were very close to having to call an ambulance and I think I have just had a very close shave.


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quote: The viagra and poppers both lowered my blood pressure to a dangerous level


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The rest of the session is scrapped and I keep apologising now to the TV for spoiling her day. I don’t know why this happened and keep thinking it is because the pain was too much along with the stress of standing in the heels whilst tied up. So that is the end of the day for me and I drive home feeling quite despondent at myself and the fact I have let two other people down. I am sure I will recover though and will try to make it up in the future.

As it happens I do not do that as I do not see the Mistress for many more sessions. In addition much later I find out the real reason I passed out. The viagra and poppers both lowered my blood pressure to a dangerous level and I was lucky that it did not become even more serious. So I learned a couple of lessons today. First always tell anyone else involved in a scenario or giving you anything exactly what you have already taken or are experiencing eg illness. Secondly always know what the impact on my body is of what I am taking. I did not realise that viagra and poppers both reduce my blood pressure and I will never mix the two again or indeed any other substance.

A true account of a 'Special Friend',

Thank you for sharing the experience I and I hope others learn this very valuable lesson.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx