Part 9 of a series of writings by a ‘special friend’. Thoughts and expectations…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Part 9 of a series of writings by a ‘special friend’. Thoughts and expectations….

There have been so many experiences that it would take me forever to detail them all. This account therefore summarises a number of those that I have not already written about.

Most of the fetish and kink stuff has been whilst I was Lisa although this has now changed and I am now generally in male mode when playing. On the more social side I used to go to Pink Punters just outside Milton Keynes which is a LGTB venue. It was great fun and one of the safest places to be. Effectively it was a night club and I spent a good many weekends there dancing and socialising my time away. At least one weekend I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening there from 9 until 6 the following morning. I was quite fit too with all the dancing. It was interesting that I could dance as Lisa but in male mode was hopeless.

The club also had a munch meeting there at which I helped organise. There was a lot of bdsm play at the events and I have been bull-whipped, constricted, had staples in my balls and nipples with weights hanging from them, auctioned off to the highest bidder and a number of other unusual events. One night I saw a male double fisted.

As Lisa I went dogging and visited a number of Gay saunas in the UK. Often I was the only TV there and that was fun because I got a lot of attention. Being played with by a number of men was quite a turn on and I loved making them orgasm, usually in my mouth or over my body. At a Sex cinema I had my one and only bukkake experience which was great except for having to do my make up afterwards in a dark toilet. Also at one of the saunas I had my only experience of sucking someone’s cock immediately after it had been in my ass. It was actually not as bad as I thought it might have been and was not given a choice anyway.

Other highlights have been fire play in a village hall, forced bi sessions, being part of an interrogation team involving forced sex on the man being interrogated, intense nipple torture which had my nipples tingling at times for months afterwards, candle torture on my cock which left the skin singed, fisting privately and in public, pegging and more recently some heavy CBT with Kristina which has gone way beyond what I would ever have imagined me doing. This has been equally my own ideas as well as Kristina’s and I have written a few field reports on AW describing some of the activities we have gotten up to.

The most memorable have been the castration/penectomy simulation and the 24 hour session a month or so back. I have enjoyed shagging the blow up dolls that I introduced into the sessions and I believe these have gone on to star elsewhere.

The list of things seems endless so I will stop here. What I do want to do is explain how I think my journey into and through kink has made me a broader and better person.

There have been three events in my life that have had a life changing effect on me. First was being pitched into an uncomfortable situation in my working life that helped me overcome some shyness. The second was a day on a course where I was learning to deal with my alcoholism and where I had a eureka moment and from then on started to make progress and which allowed me to understand myself.

The third was the day I first went to a Mistress and it was from there on that I began to really accept diversity in life and understand how prejudiced I had been in many areas. I felt as

though I grew in confidence in my interactions with others, especially women and I became more tolerant of other people through an inner acceptance of how we are all different.

It has been quite obvious now that I enjoy exhibitionism as a lot of my best experiences have been in a more public arena than just a one on one with a Mistress. I am still selfish but understand that and try to do things just for my Mistress but it is difficult for me. I know that I am not a true submissive but enjoy the act of submission for me. I do now want to please Kristina as she has given me a wider perspective and something I did not think I would experience again and that is a feeling of being on the same wavelength and fully trusting someone to the extent of never having to ask for a safeword.

I sometimes ask myself what else is there to experience. I would love to be in a proper CFNM situation with ordinary women ie not Mistresses. I might also like to revisit some experiences I have had that I really enjoyed although the memory might be better than the actuality. I also know that between us Kristina and I can think up more adventurous and satisfying experiences in the future.

Written by a special friend.

Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts I appreciate your sharing. - Kristina xx