Part one of my FAQ series by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Part one of my FAQ series

 often get asked the same questions time and time again so here are some which I got asked this week which are forming my FAQ list and series.

This week I have kept a list of questions asked of me and I will share them here with you along with the answers as part of my FAQ series.

So here goes….

Question: When are you back in Yorkshire?

Answer: All dates are on my website please feel free to check out the calendar page which gives provisional dates till the end of 2018 here is thank link Calendar

Question: Do you work weekends?

Answer: Generally no I work Monday to Friday 10am – 10pm and weekends I am either doing my own thing, on a course somewhere, socialising or resting. Occasionally I do a weekend but they are always advertised way in advance on my adult work page here is the link AW profile

Question: What do you do in a Nuru Massage?

Answer: There is a blog written about NURU massage here is the link and also please feel free to browse my other blogs and archive blogs as there are many other things I have wrote about NURU also. NURU massage with Kristina J, Huddersfield Escort

Question: Where are you for incalls?

Answer: I am in Huddersfield like it says on my profile and website near the Royal Infirmary here is a map Location

Question: Do you face time?

Answer: Sorry no, I like the face to face meeting that feels very real for me and that is important to be able to speak and touch and feel connected.

Question: Can you send me your address?

Answer: Only when you have made an appointment and I confirm it the morning of the appointment will I send a confirmation text with where to come to and where to park. I will than ask you to call when you get here and I will direct you. I don’t give me address out to anyone who asks for it as it’s private and only when you need it will you receive my address.

Question: What times do you work?

Answer: 10am – 10pm weekdays like it says in my website

Question: What scenario do you have for our meeting?

Answer: While I invite requests from you and welcome these very much to get into individual minute detailed scenarios is not a positive thing to do. One it takes up way too much time playing message or text ping pong, secondly you will then build expectations around what I have said and that restricts the freedom of spontaneity and thirdly I am always very happy work within your requests but more importantly go with what is there on the day which really allows me to tap into your desires in the moment without been constricted by expectations.

Question: What things do you like?

Answer: Just about the diverse range of everything I like is on my blogs please take some time to read these blogs that have been written for you. Please take some time to browse my blog.

Question: Can you confirm we can have sex twice in a 2 hour booking

Answer: I will always try my best to meet your requests but I can confirm nothing because I cannot guarantee how you or I will react in the moment and to ask for confirmation is unrealistic given we are both human and neither of us are a machine.

Question: I want to try something different but don’t know what I want?

Answer: The desires need to come from you as what is different for me and you could be miles apart for example: anal fisting how does that sound? While some of you out there would love that for others it would be your worse nightmare. Therefore I would invite you to read my blogs and have a think about what you really want and from there we have something positive to work with and from this point I am them able to make informed sensible suggestions that are desirable for you.

Question: Where is Huddersfield are you?

Answer: There is a map on my website

Question: Do you do incalls?

Answer: Have you seen my website?????

Question: How much is a Tantric Massage?

Answer: All donations are on my website please check out the donations pageDonations

Question: How much is if for an hour

Answer: Here is a link to my donations page Donations and tantric massage Donations

Kisses Kristina J Yorkshire Escort and Erotic Arts Temptress….. xxx