Passion Play by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Passion Play

Hi all friends and companions I am sure you all liked to be touched in special places meaning your body. I was day dreaming the other day about the past and some of my experiences some I remember some not, thought I would share one of them with you, I am sure you have some memories to share too.

One of my greatest life lessons came in my early twenties when I was in the throes of one of my first important romances. One night as passion grew my boyfriend slid down my body and began to perform oral sex on me, it was my first time and although It felt wonderful to me I could not help feeling a bit uncomfortable, surprisingly the questions most on my mind were these was my vagina normal was it attractive? Was it a turn or turn off how did I compare with any other women.

One evening he said you have the most beautiful pussy. I do? I was thrilled and complemented in the extreme the only other person who complimented me (at the time of my life) was my gynaecologist he was the only person to ever take the time to even look at it including me!! His sincere spontaneous and generous compliment made me realise how little I knew about my own body why did I not know that I have a beautiful vagina.

I know my body inside out and I know how it all works. Pay me a visit and I will show you how everything works, get your juices flowing and your temperature and other parts rising.

Just a short word on touching I love being touched as most people do stroked caressed bear hugged or massaged one way to put more touch in your life is to pay me a visit

Kristina J You can look and most definitely touch me all over have a passionate encounter xx