PLANNING TO RETURN AFTER COVID 19 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


Here is some thoughts about my return after the Covid 19 lock down

I have recently being thinking about a return in July which I now feel ready to commit to if everything else opens that is planned to open in July.

I have come to this decision after thinking long and hard, I had planned to stay in isolation longer but a few things have changed my mind. Firstly is that I feel that the Government is no longer following the science and I have lost all faith in what they say, I could go into politics here but I won’t what I will say is that there has to come a time when quality of life comes ahead of risk as with everything I do. I know in my industry there is a lot of judgement about when someone comes back but its everyones personal preference. As such I only invite visitors who feel comfortable to visit towards the end of July and respect that some may do and some may not and either way is just fine.

In the first few weeks back I will be seeing less people for two reasons, one I don’t want to throw myself in and burn myself out after a long rest I need to ease in gradually and slowly for my the sake of my body and mental health. Secondly I want to keep it very low key throughout the summer so will therefore be limiting appointments.

So the invitation is open to everyone who had an appointment cancelled to contact for the date and if they feel to they are welcome to re book, if you choose to wait longer then that is just perfect with me.

I am holding back pulsing the date until such a time people who had appointments cancelled have had the opportunity to rebook.

After this then appointments will be open to people I have met before or are known to me this is because there have been a lot of time wasters around and I do not want to take the risk on wasting my time so only people I have seen before can pre book for my return.

Once I have returned then I will be open for all bookings as normal and invite people who are new to me but I will be limiting my bookings until the end of summer.

Sorry there is a bit of hierarchy here but I need to be fair to my regular visitors and them with appointments cancelled to give them a chance to see me first.

Any questions or comments just drop me a line.

I look forward to reacquainting with you in the very near future.

Kisses K xx