Pleasure Seekers by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Pleasure Seekers

Hi Lusty lovers and pleasure seekers hope we are all staying safe and revving up for when we meet again. I love to please as some of you know and of course I do enjoy being pleased too. A Lot of clients use their skills on me. For the most part, I never had to use any particular skill to please them, I just do what comes naturally.

How do Escorts please men is often being asked, then it is apparent there is a huge misconception with the sex industry.

As an escort,I do not actually have specific skills. or techniques that I strategically use on my clients. Rather, most of my clients derive their pleasure from pleasing me. They meet me. They see my body. They are besotted by my overall presence. My erotic appeal is, at first, visual. it’s my smile my eyes, my body language.

I have a very sexy body, most clients want to, as some say, ‘worship,’ my body. Generally, kissing and caressing my body arouses them, so by the time we have intercourse they are ready to explode and when men kiss and caress my body, I am often very receptive to their touch and enjoy the embrace. So in actuality, it is clients who perform their skills on me, initially. This is unique to every encounter, as it plays out differently with different clients.

Clients can still cum even when there is no connection established. On the other hand, the minority of escorts, like myself, who do enjoy aspects of their job, might utilise mental and intellectual skills to connect with clients. The sex becomes special, not because of physical acts, but because of the connection established amazing sex is based on chemistry of two bodies manoeuvres to seduce them. I just act myself in the moment, and we go with the flow. Most of the time, clients are already turned on (erect) by just meeting, seeing, talking, or touching the lady of their choosing.

How to please a woman: Love Her, Die for her, Take her to dinner, Miss the game for her, buy her jewellery be interested in what she has to say,

How to please a man: Show up naked. Bring beer

Kristina J Real men make your panties wet not your eyes xx