Rainy Days are coming by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Rainy Days are coming

Looking sexy in the rain In theory, April showers bring May flowers. In practice, April showers bring a whole lot of weather-based frustration. While I can take comfort in the fact that winter is on the outs, the drizzle-filled season is about to get underway.

I think we can all agree that the moisture sucks, as does getting wet. Still, you should be prepared. You’ll need a non-heinous, actually cute rain coat that won’t make you hate the rain even more than you already do.

There seems to be a consensus about how we should feel towards rain, but no matter how much I listen to the weather report you won’t find me smiling when a car flies by, covering me with puddle water. It just won’t happen. But rainy days do have their upsides.

The rain gives me an excuse to Wear sexy boots, (I love kinky boots) and there are so many to pick from! And have you seen Some of the raincoats lately? Gone are the ugly yellow rain slickers, in with a deluge of colorful plastic coats you’ll actually want to wear. It gives you a reason to stay inside all day, and of course, the rain always comes to an end. A subtle hint that everything can and will get better, and spring is the perfect reminder of that. Yes, I can deal with the endless rain that certain months bring with it, but I also know that around the corner lies warm weather, sun, and yes, ok those flowers too. Mmmm maybe maybe not.

Kristina J Some times life just calls for an umbrella xx