Re kindling connections by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Re kindling connections

I am so much looking forward to my return on 29thMarch and re-kindling connections, fun and laughter which I am used to. I am sure like a lot of people out there the not connecting with people has been tough, friends, family, lovers and even strangers sat on a train having a random conversation with. Connection and touch is something that as humans we crave for and is fundamental to our development so in this time to have that taken away has been really tough. Just the feel of another persons hands on your body caressing and arousing, the feel of nails running down my back and the countless hugs that happen along the way. After the first lockdown so many people just wanted a hug, to feel another ones arms around them holding them tight in a warm embrace. Many people won’t have connected with anyone let alone engage in an intimate encounter for what feels like an age.

I have been thinking I have not been in a crowd for over 12 months and the most people I have seen in one go was when I went to the gym just after the first lock down and there was about fifty people in there. That felt over whelming, too much as the most people I had seen together is about six, needless to say I have not been back to the gym since, and don’t think I will until this thing has passed. I feel really apprehensive going back into spaces where there are a lot of people, I was never a crowd person anyway but after a break it feels a bit too much, I am sure I am not on my own feeling this.

So I am looking forward to re kindling connections on a one to one basis and whey Ruby is with me a threesome. If there is one thing that has come out of this pandemic is for me it is to make the most of every opportunity as it comes along as it may all be snatched away from us so quickly. So the invitation is to set into a place where connection and intimacy is at the fore front of my intentions and enjoy indulging yourself in being spoilt and the centre of my attention. Just be the centre of my attention for a short while is itself a breath of fresh air as you feel appreciated and valued. To feel the sensual touch of my fingers caressing your body in an intimate embrace is heaven, making you feel safe and secure and above all welcomed as your erotic self. Even just lazing on the bed naked next to each other and engaged in some interesting conversation with someone who will really listen and hear you is such a relief. We have all had to carry so much in this pandemic so to simply be in a place where you feel safe enough to finally let go what a tonic that can be. Letting go into pleasure and connection with someone who really understands it and values is such a welcome relief. Indulging and being spoilt and why not its been so long after all you do deserve to be spoilt every now and then we all do.

Just shut your eyes and imagine your perfect scenario, allow yourself to really indulge letting go of any limits or any self doubts that may hold you back. Let the thought of what will she think go, can I ask for xyz, the big one, am I allowed? Get past that and you get to magic of an erotic encounter what would it be for you??

Now is the time to step into our erotic selves and allow ourselves to be seen and appreciated and above all welcomed. It may be a sensual GFE with myself dressed in one of many luxury lingerie outfits and you just want to indulge yourself in the sensations of running your hands over my smooth stockings and sheer lace lingerie. It may be you crave the feel of satin and you want to feel my satin clad body glide over yours. It may be a desire to wear lingerie yourself. You may just want to receive the most amazing and magical tantric massage and fully allow yourself to indulge in that incredible sensual touch and heightened states of arousal. You may have had thoughts of BDSM and sensual domination or maybe role play, playing with the erotic edges of sexuality. Who knows what it is for you we are all so different which is what makes us all so interesting, whatever it is I offer an opportunity to play it out in a wonderful sensual and safe way. Taking the time to explore your erotic self, meet your needs and above all re kindle connection with another in a sensual encounter.

Krisitina J Huddersfield Escort xxx