Red Leather Pants I do not think so by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Red Leather Pants I do not think so

The most bizarre thing about this colour effect on sexual attractiveness is that it’s totally subconscious. Participants were not told the purpose of the study and none were able to guess what it was or that colour had anything to do with it. Knowing that, go forth into the world and use your red leather pants responsibly.

Even better for you in your nifty red sweater: men in red are viewed as having a higher social status with more likelihood of being successful. All you have to do is wear red all the time and you’ll convince everyone you’re some manner of Man-God.

This one is so easy it seems like cheating, but if science says it then it can’t be wrong, because the alternative is anarchy and chaos. If you’ve ever hoped for a magical charm you could put on to make yourself look more attractive, it turns out such a thing exists. Or anything red, really, Red is the official colour of sex, even in our subconscious, where all sorts of nefarious things are plotted by our brain and then enacted without ever asking us permission.

Although the red -sexiness link could be rooted in cultural factors, such as the use of red to signal sexual availability in “red light” districts, red on a woman may also be a cue that a woman is looking for love of the sexual kind.

Just as men are drawn to women in red, women are drawn to men in red, too. Scarlet inspires similar although often subconscious thoughts of fertility and passion, so we see men in red as more aggressive and high status. The bottom line? Decorate your body, not your living space in red, and you’re statistically more likely to get lucky.

When you don’t dress like everybody else you have to think like everybody else.