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Resonance in an intimate context

Resonance in an intimate context by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Resonance in an intimate context

Hello sexy readers.

I feel to talk today about resonate and the importance of creating resonance with other especially in an intimate setting.

So first of all what is resonance, to be honest it is a bit a practice.  It’s the ability to be able to feel, sense and connect fully with another in the present moment really taking on board from an embodied perspective how what the other person feels and creates a response in yourself, your own body and your own mind.  How what another says effects your thoughts and feelings without taking action on these thoughts and feelings and just being in the present.

Resonance is a really important aspect to be aware of when meeting someone for the first time.  The bodies meet on a subconscious level first.  Have you ever walked into a room and instantly connected with someone or instantly felt a dislike for someone.  I know I have and it all comes down to how we resonate with another person.

So imagine if you walked in my house and I was not met with a happy smile and a warm welcome, you were not greeted properly and it felt like you were not welcome there.  How would you feel?  Firstly you would instantly be on your guard and not be able to relax, there would be subconscious questions of self doubt come up for you or maybe a thought of what am I doing here.  On the contrary if you are met with a smile and greeted warmly with a hug and warm words then you would feel instantly relaxed and at ease.  In a setting where we are going to be intimate with each other this would also create a sense of safety and trust.  

By practicing resonance I can also pick up how someone else if feeling and work with that.  So for example ion someone arrives and is feeling nervous which happens a lot I can adjust my tone and body language to create a sense of safety and put them at ease.  If on the other hand someone arrivers and is full of confidence I can adjust my tone to meet theirs which again creates a sense of resonate and makes that person feel welcome.

Resonance is a very subtle tool for building trust and making you feel safe which is fundamentally important when we are both going to be intimacy which can be a very vulnerable place to be fro many people.  In order to drop fully into intimacy and connection then there needs to be resonance and polarity.  It’s a simple fact that if you can not resonate with anther then you can not be truly in intimacy.   So the more you feel safe through the little things the further we can dive in safely into our intimater and erotic encounter.  

If anyone wants to explore this art in a bit more depth I am of course always willing to share my knowledge and experience with those that feel they want to develop further.

Kristina J - Sensual Muse and creator of erotic encounters..