Respecting the No… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Respecting the No…

Hello lovely readers…

I feel to write this blog as some of you know I am fussy about who I spend my time with and this is for all of you who won’t make it to my door.  I have had in the past a few weeks a number of people on the phone and text who simply do not respect my no, I just felt to share a few thoughts on that.

When I invite someone into my home, I want to be sure that they know and understand the boundaries as the most important thing in creating a good meeting is good clear boundaries. So if I am getting persistent texts from people going on about what they want to do with me or telling me about the size of their cock and telling me ‘you know you want it baby’, I am going to say no and I am also going to ask them not to contact me again.  If they persist was one guy did  at weekend, after I blocked him,  he started on another phone asking why I had blocked him.  After I had received a number of texts asking me to work on my day off and then proceeded to receive a barrage of texts unrequested telling me how horny he was and how he wanted to blow his load all over my face!!  These are just two examples of hundreds of this type of contact and some times verging on abuse that I and many other sex workers get.

As a sex worker I accept a level of sexual projection however some things are simply not acceptable and trying to disturb my time off and valuable family time or time with Ruby with this unrequested sexual projection after I have said no three times and asked him not to contact me is beyond my capacity to understand..  The big thing that comes up though is if you cannot accept my no on the phone or message what would you be like in person in my bedroom.  Do I really want to put myself in a position where I am with someone who does not hear or respect my no. All that will happen is I will be taken from beyond my boundaries, which is not a nice place to be.  The simple answer is no I don’t. I don’t want spend time with anyone who is unable to hear a no as to me the most important words in a sexual liaison is a no, stop and the safe word.  To which all should be heard and acknowledged with a thank you.  There is no explanation needed and these are all words I like to hear.  Anyone who cannot accept a or respect who hardly a no is in my opinion is unsafe and not someone I was to be in a vulnerable position with.  

So guys if you are going to unconsciously and uncontrollably vomit your sexual projection all over me and not hear or respect my no then you are not going to make it to my door.  I want to spend my time in mutually enjoyable safe encounters as the safer we feel the more we can relax and enjoy the experience and the more both of us gets out of it.  

There is nothing worse than being in a sexual encounter with someone who is constantly watching their back and having to reaffirm their no over and over again as all this does is switch on the body’s natural alert system to full alert and there is no chance to really drop in to the session with each other and really enjoy it, which is after all what it is all about.

So come on guys lets enjoy some quality time together as giving and taking pleasure is just as important as receiving and allowing pleasure..

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort