Role-play with Kristina J Huddersfield Escort by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Role-play with Kristina J Huddersfield Escort

I often get asked if I do role play, given the contents of my website and blog I would think that would answer the question but clearly not so feel to write a short blog explaining the role play that I do do and how much fun we can have with roleplay.

Roleplay is one of the things that I feel that I really excel at and love the naughtiness it allows. What I really love about roleplay is it gives an opportunity to get into a very naughty situation but keeps it safe. Over the years I have done so much of this from very basic neighbour being caught pinching my knickers of the washing line to teacher role play to some pretty elaborate kidnap roleplay and even taboo roleplay.

Everyone has something different, but the beauty of roleplay is it allows you to access your desires, kinks and fetishes easily sometimes within the role play there I see a passing of responsibility. For example being punished for something or made to do something (within consensual agreements) but for the purpose of the role play outside your control. This is such a powerful tool for those that want to try certain acts as psychologically it’s passing the book even though its’s not.

The other thing that I love is to create a role play around your secret and hidden desires again another really powerful form of erotic play. With this it is great to look and talk about what your desires are and how they came about and then create a role play that is builds in the erotic tension and anticipation looking at the cornerstones of your erotic blueprint and really creating something special.

Taboo roleplay is a great way of accessing the desires that we should not have, but we do have. Taboo roleplay really allows these desires to be played out in a safe conscious place without any harm or damage being done to anyone and also within the roleplay you will have the ability to stop it at any time if it becomes too much. There are so many reasons that people go into taboo roleplay but I don’t feel to mention them here but the point I feel to make is that I do understand a lot of the reasons around taboo roleplay.

Roleplay what is your goal??

Are you hoping to open the doors for kinkier play, or simply wanting to try something new?

Are you wanting to spice up your sex life?

Is roleplay something that will include costumes and scripts, or is it a more of a spur-of-the-moment scenario?

Figuring out your own desires makes it much easier to ask for what you want and how you eat to explore it?.

So rather than just say I want to do role-play try being more specific such as I was to be made to feel naughty and be punished with anal penetration on me for doing something to upset you. The more details the better and more individual the role play is. Not only is this sexy, it also gives me the framework to build upon.

If you desperately wish to try something, please do ask as the only way I will know is if we have spoken about it. It’s only then that I can help you fulfill your desire. There is no shame in asking for what you want, and there are a lot of things I won’t assume you would like without your consent and prior agreement. For example in one role-play they person wanted me to use needles and put them through his nipples, he did not ask prior to the session and this something I would never do with out prior agreement. Another is dressing you in stockings and suspenders unless you ask for it I am not going to to do it so allow yourself to dig deep and ask for what you want. Lets talk about it, talk about talking about it, and then go ahead: Slip into that character and have a great time!

Whatever you decide within the realms of roleplay weather, naughty, erotic, or taboo is all good for me and I always welcome you to mail me your ideas before so I can make it something special and individual to you. Anything that I am not comfortable with I will say but I am very open and very easy going..

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort xx