Santaphilia by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


I love Christmas and Santa but there is more to him than just a jolly overweight man!!

But why this particular old man whom we associate with family and festivities, you ask? Could it be because he keeps a tab on who has been particularly naughty throughout the year? IS that what tempts people to get naughty for Father Christmas? He watches us every minute, keeps track of all the good and bad we do, and is going to punish or reward us based on our behaviour. He is a delicious mixture of masculine energy and nurturing dominant; he knows how to pick punishments that are geared to help his naughty boys and girls improve themselves.”

This peculiar fetish, could all go back to childhood memories manifesting deep within. Santa Claus is also described in most fictional accounts to have a kind and giving personality, bringing joy to the children of the world and bearing them gifts every Christmas. When you combine both Santa’s physical attributes and his personality, you end up with a man, albeit fictional, who actually has quite a bit of sex appeal

This perception of Santa being a father figure representing warmth and security is a big attraction to certain people I believe and for everybody who doesn’t have daddy issues the fetish is purely because Santa is mythical, unobtainable figure whom they have projected their sexual fantasies towards.

But of course, it’s nothing to panic about if one does have a thing or two for Father Christmas, these fantasies are harmless unless they turn into full blown obsessions which begin to have a detrimental effect on a person’s everyday life.

So it’s all good in the hood as they say. Leave your socks out hanging and hope you get all your desired presents this year!

Kristina J Jingle bells all the way, be naughty but nice xxx