Save the date - Monday July 20th July…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Save the date - Monday July 20th July….

After my government imposed hiatus I plan to be a back on Monday 20th July

Hello my lovely visitors.

I am making plans and taking bookings from Monday 20th July. A few people have asked if anything has changed, well apart from my hair growing longer not too much but will out line in this blog. I will add I hope to get to the hairdressers before I return so I will be looking my fabulous self again. I will only be available weekdays only with no weekend dates as yet but these will come back in due course.

I am also not planning any tours until later in the year so I will be spending an unusual prolong period of time in Huddersfield as all my training is also cancelled until February next year.

So here is the plan, I am now taking bookings for my return and although I am coming back on Monday 20th July I am limiting appointments through till September so I really do advise booking in advance if possible. I will be available my normal times between 10am and 10pm with only a few appointments available each day.

The protocol will be on discretion and hygiene and I will be doing temperature checks also and you will be able to check my temperature, may mind wandered off into naughtiness of having my temperature being taken… Back on track…

There will be hand washing and sanitising station on the way in this sounds really grand what it means is warm soapy water in a bowl and sanitising gel available just outside the door for you to use. If it’s raining it will be inside, please do feel free to use it.

I have purchased air purifiers with UV filters to clean the air as much as possible and these will be in all the play rooms.

So there are the basics, I am very excited to get back to a new normal and having some long over due fun, some sensual connections and giving you a cuddle before we indulge in some mutual and sexy fun…

Looking forward very much to seeing you in the very near future it has been way too long.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Sensual companion